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Map of Trichy District ( from Citizens Charter of Tourism Department)


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  1. navin Says:

    dear sir
    a detailed map of trichy city will be much more helpful

    thank you

  2. shanthavel Says:

    hi i ve a map of trichy city. pl. tell me how i can post it in this site.

  3. Adhil Says:

    Hi Its a good thinking

  4. RATHISH.R Says:

    i want to know about correspondance BE in civil engineering

  5. ajay Says:

    Hi Rathish,
    Staying in Tamil nadu and you donot know what are the university offering Correspondence course then how do you expect NRI to guide you.

  6. Ashok Says:

    What a shallow individual this Ajay?! Firstly get it to your freaking head that a blog ISN’T exclusivity for NRI’s! Second – A blog is a web space to SEEK and SHARE INFORMATION pertaining to the topics blogged.

    And finally, stop ridiculing others who may not be equally privileged as you coz out here you are only some john doe yourself! Get a life tweet!

    Rathish, you ought to post your question in the blog “Part time BE in Anna University” listed on the right side corner of this site for answers mate! I hope it helps.

  7. Do Not Fight Says:

    Hi Ashok, do not fight. Let him ask what he wants. We are all good boys.

  8. Do Not Fight Says:

    Hi Ashok, do not fight. Let him ask what he wants. We are all good boys.

  9. Ajay Says:

    Hi Ashok,

    Have you replied to to Rathish question ? if you are serious you should have answeared his question.
    I did the same thing to Rathish like what you are doing now to me.
    Ridiculing others(As per your message)
    ok now let me come to the reason why I advised Rathish like that way?
    I want youngters to be self depent.
    I send the message to Rathish.What is your problem?
    If the reply is really hurt Rathish he has all the rights to express his anger and not u.

  10. venu Says:

    I want to get details about moovanur(621006)-Sri Vanchiamman Temple.If any one knows mail me..It’ll be very useful for me…

  11. sevugarajan Says:

    trichy city map very useful for me

  12. kartik Says:

    very useful for us to view the map.



  13. Ashok Says:

    It’s been a couple of months since i visited this link – Chance to get back at you Ajay:

    1. A blog/forum is a source where information is exchanged between the know’s and know-not’s. As i didn’t know the answer, i did the next best thing by referring to a link where he is most likely to find one. What is it that makes you think that “everyone” has got to have an answer for “everything”??

    2.What kind of a fool are you to lecture on youngsters to be self dependent – for god’s sake how do u even know from a web post that a individual is an youngster in the first place?

    3.Serves you right if you really thought i’m expressing “anger”…

    You just continue to reek in ignorance as you did earlier.You are a misfit to blogging as you don’t seem to even get the basics right – so stop aping!!

  14. senthilkumar Says:

    Trichy city map very useful for me

  15. abdulla Says:

    thank u for ur help

  16. saravanan Says:

    Trichy city map very useful for me

  17. anand Says:

    it is very use full to me.congts for the map developers

  18. Jaso Says:

    If you guys are really serious about looking at the maps, then browse through and select the satellite picture, you can enjoy wowwww views….

  19. A. pushpanathan Says:

    thank you so much. this is more helpful website.

  20. karuppaiya.d Says:

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  21. Madhavan Says:

    Nice Map But it can be little better. see Google map.

  22. Trichy Tonic Says:

    Economic Development

    4.1 Existing situation – Process Phase

    The Economic Development of Tiruchirappalli is very much associated with the industrial developments, which are concentrated around the City Periphery. During the initial period of industrial development, the establishment of railway workshop at Golden rock area has triggered the industrial activities in and around the Trichy Region. In the later period, the establishment of BHEL has created a major impact, which has paved the way for establishment of number of ancillary industries in the Trichy Urban Agglomeration. Basically Trichy is dominated by agricultural activities, therefore the industries established – except Railway, BHEL and few other ancillary industries – mostly supplied the requirement emerged from the agricultural activities. Since, the agricultural activities have a strong tie up with Trade and Commerce activities, the economic development is revolving around the rural hinterland in the Trichy Region. Therefore, the industrial development to be encouraged to usher the economic development in the region. i.e. IT related industries, serving the southern region in Tamil Nadu.

    Moreover, the city is considered as an important nodal point in the State. The other advantage is that the City is having number of higher educational facilities, which may expect to supply a sizable amount of human resources towards future economic development. Therefore, the economic development through industrial development will attempt to achieve the twin objectives i.e. encouraging new industrial activities and creation of potential employment opportunities in the region.

    4.2 Trend in Economic Development – Analytical Phase

    Economic Base

    Tiruchirappalli is the fourth largest city and an important nodal point in the centre of Tamil Nadu. The city is a prominent centre for many historical events from the early Chola period. At present, the city is emerging as an important nerve centre for various commercial activities, diversified industrial activities i.e. Heavy Boiler Plant, Small Arms Project, Cotton Textile Mills, Steel Structural Works and other ancillary industries in Tamil Nadu.

    Tiruchirappalli is a district headquarters and by virtue of its prominent location along the major transportation route (NH 45), the City acts as a counter magnet for attracting various forms of economic activities in the surrounding region i.e. areas near by the City. This requires adequate attention to identify such areas for allowing the industrial and other commercial development for strengthening the economic base of Tiruchirappalli for long-term development.

    Industrial Development in Tiruchirappalli

    Railway workshops, Flower Mills and Distilleries are the major industries developed within and outside the city. However the other major industries like Bharat Heavy Electrical limited and Small Arms Project are located outside the city area. Moreover, the Industrial activities are taking place at Thuvakudi, Thiruverambur and Mathur areas, which are located outside the city area. After the incorporation of Golden Rock, Sri Rangam, Ariyamangalam and village panchayats into the Corporation, a vast area of vacant is available for development, which need proper guidance in allowing different land use to come up in the City.

    Directorate of Town and Country Planning has prepared the Master Plan for Tiruchirappalli in 1989. This Master plan focused the erstwhile Tiruchirappalli Municipal Area and adjacent areas as their environs for a limited influence area. But after the incorporation of other areas into the City Corporation, the Master Plan require proper revision or a fresh look for identifying a broader influence area for envisaging various form of development. Therefore, the industrial development in Tiruchirappalli more or less relies on the Master Plan to identify the areas available for development to accelerate the growth. Based on this, the ULB may initiate an action to attract the industries for provision of infrastructure facilities for long-term development of the City.

    Commercial Activities

    Apart from the industrial activities, commercial developments also act as an important input for economic development of Tiruchirappalli City. The City is an important regional centre for various commercial activities. The major commercial activities are concentrated in the inner city area i.e. around the Main Guard Gate Area and Gandhi Market Area. Gandhi Market is located in the inner city area and number of other commercial activities is associated with this activity. Rockfort Market is an another major commercial area consist of Big bazaar Street, Chinnakadai Street, Jaffer Shaw Street, Singara Thoppu, and adjoining areas, which sell the specialised items like Artificial Diamonds and Silvers. At present there is no specific policy available for the dispersal of commercial activities away from the inner city area and therefore more pressure is being added in this area. Due to this, all varieties of commercial activities are concentrated in one place i.e. the inner city area, this includes the following:

    Whole sale and Retail Activities:

    NSB Road, Chinnakadai Street, Periyakadai Streets, Singarathoppu street, Gandhi Market area, Anai Kattu Medu street and Stone Cutters street.


    Rettai Mall Street, Big Bazaar Street and Chinna kadai Street.

    For Tiruchirappalli City, organised commercial development need to be backed by proper dispersal strategies for allowing the commercial activities to come up in the added areas i.e. Shifting some of the important activities like Gandhi Market away from the City centre. This helps in encouraging various commercial activities to come up in the new areas and thereby supporting the economy through creation of employment and business opportunities in an organised manner.

    Constraints and Prospects for Economic Development

    Trichy is an important regional centre and it has gained the importance due to concentration of various functions like industrial, commercial, tourism, education and administrative activities. Though there is a prospect available for economic development through encouraging the industrial activities, this need to be supported with proper land use strategy to indicate a clear-cut direction for future growth. Therefore, there is a need to identify the areas of focus for industrial growth and guide the development.

    The key factors that govern for economic development of Tiruchirappalli is as follows:

    · Economic Development through organised land use management

    · Economic Development through provision of adequate Infrastructure facility

    · Economic Development to promote Agriculture and Industrial activities.

    The first aspect need to be supported by a Master Plan of Tiruchirappalli, the Directorate of Town and Country Planning will have to organise to revise the document to indicate the direction for land use growth so as to guide the development.

    The Second aspect is the responsibility of the corporation to provide adequate infrastructure facilities to encourage the economic development in the City.

    The Third aspect requires proper integration from various departments i.e. Industries and Agriculture, to identify their programmes for encouraging the industrial development in the region.

    As a forward linking process, the CCP will attempt to integrate the co-ordination of various departments to boost the economic activities in the region. This includes the following:

    a. Revision of Master Plan for Tiruchirappalli City Corporation by Directorate of Town and Country Planning Department

    b. Action Plan for Industrial Development by Industries Department(specifically for IT related Industries)

    c. Action Plan for Agricultural Development by Department of Agriculture.

    d. Participation of Tourism Department to promote tourism related development activities considering the central location of the City in the State.

    The above list can be enlarged depending on the willingness of the other departments to participate in the developmental activities for economic development in the region.

    Consultation Process for CCP

    The Consultation Process carried out with the stakeholders brings out various types of development that can be encouraged in the City. The Consultation Process accorded top priority for economic development. This is possible by creating conducive environment for industrial development in the region. Therefore, the strategy for development specially addresses the issues preferred by the Stakeholders, which includes;

    a. Promoting industrial development relating to Software and Engineering in the region.

    b. Promoting Transit facilities for Trade and Commerce

    c. Encouraging the Eco-Friendly entreprenership in the City.

    Based on the suggestion expressed by the Stakeholders, the strategy for economic development is highlighted in the next section.

    Strategy for Economic Development

    · Guiding the economic development by promoting industrial activities based on existing human resources and technology available in the region (IT related industries).

    · Directing the future development towards the periphery of the city, in order to decongest the inner city area for balanced growth pattern.

    · Encouraging Participatory approach in economic development in consultation with the citizens and welfare organisation to identify the potential in economic development.

    · Guiding the industrial and commercial development along the Panjapur area and areas upto Samayapuram to create employment opportunities in the rural hinterland.

    · Decentralisation of whole sale activities in and around Gandhi Market.

    Initiative taken by the Corporation to Strengthen the Economic Development in Tiruchirappalli

    As a measure to improve the economic development of Tiruchirappalli and its surrounding region, the City Corporation initiated number of measures, they are:

    1. Establishment of proper communication network through providing ring road facilities to link the rural and urban areas

    2. Development of suitable areas to generate employment potential outside metro urban centers in order to arrest the migration to major urban centers and decongest the city.

    This includes the provision of following specific facilities:

    a. A ring road to facilitate the mobility to link rural areas in the surrounding region (this covers for a length of 75 K.M. for an estimated cost of Rs.153 crores based on 2001 cost).

    b. Area for developing high-tech industries (to provide specialized industrial activities near Thuvakudi and Poolangudi village with the help of industries department).

    c. Shifting of wholesale activities i.e. Gandhi Market from CBD

    d. Shifting of Jaggery Mandies from CBD and

    e. Truck Terminal facilities at the City periphery

    The first scheme involves in providing the ring road facility and second one relate to developing industrial activities in and around the city. Other facilities relate to dispersal of important activities from CBD to decongest the city.

    The first and second schemes under the active consideration of government as the High Level Committee set up by the Government has examined the project and the decision relating to this is yet to be known.

    The other projects relating to dispersal of activities from CBD is included in the CCP.

    4.3 Operational Plan – Consensus Phase

    The operational plan for CCP is formulated based on the Consultation Process and Stakeholders view on the progressive development of the City. This helps in setting priorities for various operations, which will be undertaken over a period of time i.e. for the next 20 years in different phases. However, CCP specially identified the 5-year capital improvement programme for undertaking various development works, to achieve the goals in a specified time period. This includes the policy direction and programmes to be specified for undertaking missions to achieve the goals preferred by the stakeholders in the city. This also includes the detailed action plan for the specific component to be implemented as a part of 5-year capital improvement programme, which include the source of financial assistance to achieve the primary and secondary goals of CCP.

    Short term Programme
    · Revision of Master plan to indicate the landuse strategy and guide the city development.

    · To decentralized the whole sale activities from Gandhi Market to the Bypass road.

    Long term programme
    · Comprehensive Truck Terminal and Bus Stand Terminal at the periphery of the city (At Panjapur)

    · To encourage IT related industries along the Thanjavur road.

    Action Plan
    Action plan
    Line Agencies.

    Revision of Master plan of Tiruchirappalli City
    Tiruchirappalli City Corporation & LPA.

    Decentralisation of whole sale activities from Gandhi market to the Bypass road.
    Tiruchirappalli City Corporation, Chamber of Commerce & LPA.

  23. shivaprasaath Says:

    trichy is center place in tamilnadu.It is a fastest growing city.

  24. Karuppaiya Says:

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    1. Nataraj Says:

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  25. Saviour Sundararaj Says:

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  26. shiva Says:

    Does anybody know where to get the revised master plan of Trichy?


  27. Nithi Says:

    Hi All,

    Check this site You may find it useful.


  28. keerthiprasath Says:

    l need the road map from trichy city to kallanai….wl u pls suggest the route and map to me…..

  29. Imthyas Says:

    Hi Google your trichy city map very useful for me thanks

  30. Imthyas Says:

    Hi Google your trichy city map very useful for me thanks

  31. A.Imthyas Says:

    Super on Google map all your map useful for me thanks Google map

  32. RLS Alloys Says:

    we need trichy map with river details. Map should be scaled one

  33. Trichy is in centre of state. We the citizens wants Trichy Whole corporation up dated map,showing education institutions,( schools/collages),Kalyana mandaps, Cinima theatres, all town bus stop location,hospitals,Temples/chuches/Mosques, proposed outer ring road, covering all sub urban areas. The copy to be available in Rly stn, bus stand, worship places in a reasonable price( for guidance Bangalore city map may be refered).Agencies concerned are requested to act.

    Thank you.

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