Trichy being a collage of cultures, accents( Yes, Trichy Tamil is different fromTamil from the rest of Tamilnadu) has many unique features. I am listing some of them here and this list will be dynamic.

  • 1) Culture – Trichy, with so many people coming in from nearby villages maintains a unique blend of city and village cultures.
  • 2) Respect for Religious beliefs – On the footsteps of mighty Rockfort, Trichy hosts St.Mary’s Catehdral. It has a gigantic victorian church whose bells chime at top of the hour. Within a mile of the cathedral, there is a big Mosque in the center of the city marketplace.
  • 3) Educational institutions – Trichy boasts very good educational institutions from Schools to Colleges specialising in Arts, Sciences and Engineering. From St. Joseph’s and Holy Cross to ERHSS and Bishop Heber, the schools in trichy produce some of the best students with great qulaities.
  • 4) Town Buses – Town buses are the major means for commute within Trichy. Due to large number of buses, Trichy roads will get crowded in the peak hours with buses competing for passengers. Most of the major areas are connected by buses throughout the day and night. Known for their honking and crowds , Trichy townbuses are mostly private owned although the Govt owned buses are also plying between major areas.
  • 5) Beautiful Cauveri River – When the river is filled with running water, Cauveri is a site to see. Although rural enchroachment has altered the beauty from what was described in Parthiban Kanavu, it still has some stunning views when we drive along the road to kulithalai from Trichy.
  • 6) Language – Although the language is Tamil, the dialect is very unique within trichy. The dialect, the slant and the accent makes the Trichy Tamil unique with clear pronunciation.

Trichy is in the bank of River cauveri in Tamilnadu. Being home of some great educational institutions and commercial centers, Trichy is a beehive of activity all around the year.For most of the small towns around Trichy, Trichy is the “Happening place“.