With Trichy Airport raising to the standard of International Airport with its facilities and connections, plans for creating a ring road around Trichy that connectes Navalpattu and the passenger traffic between Trichy and Bangalore are being recogonized as a true indicator of potential IT resource availability in Trichy. According to the ELCOT director Mr. Uma Shankar, for the establishment of one million square feet built up space in the sprawling 135 acre site at Navalpattu, the ELCOT is in the process of readying architectural design.  The plan is to have smaller companies operate from the built up space and allow the bigger players to create their own campusses.

The one striking feature to this article in Hindu is, it does not give us any new or specific information about the park. All the information present in the article is what we know already. Would have been great if it could have provided some information on which companies have agreed to setup offices and what is their proposed timetable. I don’t see that anywhere in the article.

Also the ringroad plans are being developed now and no one knows how many layers of approval ( both financial and political) that it has to go through before it gets approved.  There is no timetable information here yet. 

Wikimapia is a user driven site that is trying to emulate wikipedia’s success in information. It is a peer driven site where anyone can submit information about any location in the world and it will peer reviewed and approved before becoming official.  I wish the peer review process is transparent so atleast we will know what are the resources that were used for reviewing.  Without this, I don’t put my money on the validity of the review.

I wish the Hindu article had given some specifics about the development instead of putting together all the facts known before.

Hopefully we will get some great information on our IT park’s progress very soon.


There appears to be a lot of confusion whether we are getting IT park near Trichy and if so how big and who is setting up shop there etc. When I look up the Ministry of Commerce Site, and looked at this document of formal approvals granted, it shows that only 49.9 Hectares (approx 123.305acres) have been formally approved to ELCOT ( search for Navalpattu ) to setup a SEZ in Navalpattu.

Looks like the givernment approval has been acheived and it is a major step. Now it does not mean that we have a timetable to get companies into IT park as it is a completely commercial decison and will be done by IT companies themselves. 

The IT park venture in the city is coming up smoothly and swiftly.  Although the size of the IT park (125 Acres)  is going to be smaller than the one proposed in Madurai (200+acres) and Salem ( 160 acres) .  No big player have evinced interest in the IT park yet but will follow once  some companies setup shops and get quality employees. The sticking point in the setting up seems to be the cost of setup in the park.

The improvement of infrastructure should happen hand in hand to this to reap the full benefit.

Now that Coimbatore IT park is well on its way and progressing smoothly, the ELCOT is shifting its focus towards Madurai and Trichy. It appears that so far 12 companies have evinced interest in setting up facilities here in Trichy. No information on their size but looks like there are no big wigs here yet. But in-spite of this, ELCOT is looking for 98 acres  of additional land for construction.  The Hindu’s report on this says something very interesting .

It goes like this.

ELCOT will acquire the plots in the vicinity of the IT Park that were sold a few months ago by the Tamil Nadu Housing Board through auction before laying an approach road. The small plots, along with toilets and bathrooms, which the Board constructed for people from the low-income group a decade ago, were lying unsold till a few months ago.

If I am reading this right, ELCOT is planning to repurchase land from whomever purchased from Govt in an auction some time ago. So ELCOT , an independent entity, whose decisions are controlled by TN govt., is planning to repurchase the land that was basically theirs a few months ago. Also worth noting is these plots were unsold a few months ago.

So is it just me smelling something fishy here or it just looks that way.

Anyway, whoever bought this land in auction  ( either with or without inside info) is going to make good money in a short time..

Yamariyen Paraparame

Now the stress looks like coming from the Govt to push the IT companies towards tier II cities.

At the annual summit of the National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom), which opened on Wednesday, the Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Dayanidhi Maran, suggested that the IT industry must make a concerted effort to spread its operations from major metros to secondary cities.

Looks like the government is pushing for development along the lines of townships around the IT parks in order to reduce the traffic congestion and infrastructure overload in the cities. ( We don’t want another Bangalore developing as far as traffic mess is concerned)

Also, the govt is considering a big push in broadband internet connectivity to common centers in rural areas.  The establishment of one lakh broadband-connected (2 Mbps) common service centres in rural areas had been approved and would be implemented in a phased manner.

This article contains the gist of all the info I posted before on IT parks. There seems to be a lot of queries regarding the location of the IT park in Trichy. Please look up the “IT Parks” Category for all the posts I posted in this topic.

The map of Navalpattu with neighbouring locations is here.

There has been a lot of speculations and educated guesses regarding the location of the IT park in Trichy. Finally its been officially announced that it will be located in Navalpattu in Trichy Pudukottai road. It will be promoted by ELCOT which received about 135 Acres for construction. The park will include a built up area of about one million square feet, which will be open for allotment apart from plots to be constructed by the ELCOT. It will also be declared as SEZ. The government approval is expected soon for the park construction but the access road to this area will be strengthened and broadened.

The airport getting expanded is happening in a right time now. We need that to be up and running by the time IT companies are coming into Trichy.

For those who wants to know the location of Navalpattu, please refer to my Maps page.