Trichy city is expanding.. ………..TOI reports that there are plans in preliminary stages to include suburbs like Thiruvarembur into Trichy so that the infrastructure projects and other necessary amenities can be brought on par with the current Trichy city. The Trichy city is about now and will expand to 240 Sq.Km. Looks like the plans in the prelim stages and there are plans to expand other cities like Coimbatore also in the works.

One of the reason cited for this plan is to include those suburbs in the multi crore development projects. Usually the urban centers get the lion’s share in these projects .. Now we are just increasing the size of the pie so that the urban wealth can be distributed to these panchayats also.

Good Plan, in my opinion. But not sure If  and when it will come to fruition. ( May be the cynic in me is talking here….)


The Thanjavur highway was wider and nicely laid out..Two lanes on either side of the median which can handle the heterogeneous traffic very well.  My daughter was astonished to see bulls and buffaloes casually loitering the highway and I was amazed at the dexterity with which the drivers go around them without disturbing them.  We went through BHEL, Kailasapuram Township and NIT. The BHEL has added more greenery and  Kailasapuram township had added quite a bit of Commercial establishments.  It was great to see the Joined Hands Statue in front of BHEL intact.

The road after NIT was under construction in some parts. We saw that there was work in progress to construct a toll booth. It was in its infancy now but Toll is coming soon on this road.  We saw Shanmuga Campus grown in leaps and bounds with so many buildings catering to so many disciplines. Amazing growth ….

But the sad part till Thanjavur is all the trees we had before lining the road from Trichy are gone. All the lush , thick trees that lined the road are gone. All we have is “Mullu Cheddis” on both sides of the road and barren land.

Romba Sogam!!!

We hit Thanjavur in about 45mins from Trichy.. Traffic from Vallam was slow due to narrow roads. Yep.. The highway gets over before Vallam.. Not sure when it will be constructed till Thanjavur town. But whenever it is, lots of homes on the side of the roads will be gone.

We took velankani road from Thanjavur and Boy!!! it was beautiful with so much Greenary.

The road from Thanjavur to Velankanni goes through some of the great Vazhai Thoppu and Thennai Thoppus.  The road, although narrow, ( Two lanes) was lined with tall , thick trees.  For most part they are Banyan Trees, Puliaya Maram( Tamarind Trees) and some Thennai Marams… There are lots of Valai Thoppus to look at, which showcase the pride of Thanjavur district.   It was magnificent to see those trees silently towering and looking over the increasing traffic and the carelessness with which people treat the sides of the road.. Lots of papers and plastic bags on the sides. ( Signs of Progress and advancement of lifestyle !!!!!!!!!!:(   ) Some people were taking rest from hot sun under those trees and some dogs too were sleeping there…

We hit Needamangalam after some driving. In Needamangalam, very close to railway station, we saw some food grain storage places.. They looked like giant greenhouses in first sight but then we realized they are grains stacked up high after harvest and waiting to be transported to various places. We saw some lorries loading them and transporting them to a Goods Train in the station.  Surprisingly there were hardly any people in the vicinity and nothing else there other than grains and lorries (with drivers!!!!!)

We stopped in Needamangalam Tea shop for a cup of tea before continuing.. We had an awesome tea in a small tea kadai.

Next stop for us is to find a place under a tree shade for lunch…..

Lunch Menu: Lemon Rice and Thayir Sadham prepared by my mom…Potato Chips on the side.


The road travel between Trichy and Chennai became little bit more convenient with the opening of the 4 lane highway between padalur and Valikandapuram as part of NH 45. It should reduce accidents and travel time. The 31 km stretch has 2 lanes on either side with a median in between. The road also include two pedestrian underpasses in padalur and Valikandapuram.

This should improve the traffic especially commercial ones and also reduce the fear of the passengers whenever the buses and trucks do their magic weaving in the road to avoid each other.

It is that time of the year again. Rainy season is winding down. So it is time to dig up the roads again. About 95 kms of Trichy roads are going to be relaid ( for umpteenth time) under a project funded by a German Dev Bank. Many major roads are going to be part of this project and they will have drains in the side of the roads.

I am not sure whether there is any clause in the contract / tender etc. which stipulates that the roads should have atleast some lifetime which is longer than a year.  Until, then Govt construction will always have a boom in TN.


Trichy is getting a new train to connect itself to Madurai daily. In this year’s railway budget, out of 43 new train services , 5 new services are in TN.   The train schedule is not announced yet but can be expected that it runs according to the office schedule in both directions.

Similarly, they need to increase the speed of the trains that run to chennai from trichy. It feels like it takes awful lot of time in both direction. We will see.

Trichy, being in the main artery of the state, is well connected to various parts of the state by roads. Those road connection looks pretty good in a map but the real conditions are appaling and many of the roads are barely passable at best.

One of the many reasons for this condition is the constant careless attitude of various groups who dig  roads and its adjacent areas to erect a billboard or party sign or cinema cut outs. I am not talking about the PWD groups who open up holes in the road and keep them open for quite a long time.

Exnora, the public service organisation that strives to make the life better for all tiruchians, is taking this nuisance to the court. They had filed a petition with the District Munsiff Court and it had issued a permanent injunction restraining the Corporation from permitting individuals, institutions and others to set up arches or dais by digging roads.

This will take care of a part of the problem. But how many hoardings have corporation approval in Trichy is another question. I can bet that not many try and get approvals before placing hoardings and always operate in such a way, if the corporation tries to remove it they can be dealt with.

Hopefully, Exnora’s current effort reduces atleast 75%of the issues.

Trichy bus stand work is nearing completion and expected to completed by Oct 31. The new bus Stand will contain 33 new bays, additional two wheeler parking lots and a new toilet complex. This work is just the expansion of the existing bus stand near Trichy Junction and will continue to cater the same bus routes as before. But its layout is expected to reduce the congestion in the roads in and around the bus stand. Due to more space inside the busstand, may be we don’t have to deal with the buses crowding the adjacent roads .

But this is not going to reduce the private buses parking in the near by roads ( adjacent to Hotel Femina etc.) Not sure how they will be handled.

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