Union health minister A Ramadoss formally admitted on Saturday that some of the auto-disabled syringes sent to Tamil Nadu for their immunization programme, was indeed rusted. The state’s immunization programme faced a fresh setback with the state health minister M R K Panneerselvam suspending the use of all AD syringes, under the brand name BD Solo Shot, used to vaccinate children. Needles of some of the syringes in Trichy had rusted while some of them had dust inside the cylinder.

Drug controller General Dr Surinder Singh told TOI,  Even though chances of AD syringe needles being rusty were remote we found some of the needles which were made of pure stainless steel to be rusted. We have studied the distribution patterns of this batch before samples are picked up. Our probe will see whether the needles were made of substandard material, which caused it to rust, if at all. Officials said India uses 150 million AD syringes in its immunisation programme annually, 80% of which is supplied by Becton Dickinson India. The batch under question in TN were syringes procured from Spain. Ram Sharma, managing director of BD India, said  The AD syringe facility in Fraga, Spain, has been WHO qualified to supply to all immunization programmes. BD SoloShot have been used in governmental immunization programmes the world over. Till date, BD has supplied over 5 billion syringes globally for immunisation through UNICEF.

Hopefully  finger pointing does not let the truth to die as where the issue lies that created this defect and also it presents a caution to manaufcturers if India is being used as a dumping ground for substandard materials.


The Palliative Care Association of Tiruchi was inaugurated in Trichy on Sunday. The association plans to open a  day care centre and hospice offering free palliative care for patients with degenerative illness in Trichy. The centre would cover patients with chronic ailments including HIV/AIDS, cancer, renal failure, and neurotic and psychiatric disorders. Resources would be raised locally and free medicines will be distributed. The district administration will help find a suitable location for this center.

The association was conducting contact classes for doctors and paramedical staff for a two-month-long training programme conducted by the Indian Association of Palliative Care. It would also offer short-term courses for volunteers from the city to assess and identify patients at different localities.

We informed that Seahorse hospital, one of the bigger hospital in Trichy was looking for potential buyer for sometime now. Vasan Healthcare was in negotiations with the hospital for a buyout. Now it has emerged that Kaveri Medical Center, Trichy is in advanced stages of acquiring the Seahorse hospital. According to the director of kaveri Medical Center, only minor details including the cost of acquisition has to be worked out but they have agreed in principle to acquire Seahorse Hospital in Trichy. The 225bed Kaveri Medical Centre currently caters largely to accident and emergency cases, but is unable to cater to the needs of corporate clients who demand special facilities. In addition, with the increase in the penetration of health insurance, the demand on hospitals is expected to rise.

Also, if you look at this, the seahorse hospital will be perfect fit for Medical Tourism that is budding in India now. Its location, a quiet residential area and its proximity to the good hotels, train station and Trichy Airport will be ideal for it to be used for medical tourism provided it is fitted with adequate equipments.

Lets see !

The outbreak of chikungunya in Kerala had prompted the corporation to take several precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak and spread of this painful disease in Trichy and surrounding areas. This disease which primarily spread through the mosquitoes makes the joints in the body weak and puts the patients in bed for three days atleast. The trichy authorities have intensified fogging activities on all the things that come from Kerala and also started to monitor the inflow of patients into the hospitals with symptoms. Last year was a very painful experiences for a lot of the people with this disease and hopefully is not repeated this year.

NO cases of chikungunya  have been reported in any part of the district so far but the the village panchayats have been instructed to ensure that there was no water logging in their areas to prevent breeding of mosquitoes. Monitoring of fever cases from the Private Health Clinics, Government Hospitals and private nursing homes is being done on a daily basis since May to compare it with the last year’s trend and ascertain if there is any increase in the number of fever cases. Fogging operations have also been intensified in all wards to prevent any breeding of mosquitoes.

A non Healthcare company,Star Health and Medical Tourism Pvt Ltd, has opened clinics in non-metros like Trichy, Coimbatore and Mdurai on May 19th. The unique feature about this setup is the inclusion of telemedicine facility using which the doctor’s in clinics can consult the specialists in Chennai. ( The company’s headquaters). They also have tie up with Star Health and Allied Insurance Company so all the insurance related health checkups ca be done in Star Clinics.

It makes medical facilities and healthcare as a commodity model. But not sure how different this will be when compared to any other hospital chains. As long as patients get good health care in affordable prices, I am all for it.

It is appalling to know that Illegal Kidney transplant has been done in a Trichy hospital and it is under investigation from Crime Branch – CID. 5 hospitals in chennai , 1 each in trichy, tirunelveli and Madurai are under investigation radar on this issue. The report does not say which hospital is under suspicion, but hopefully they will do it soon.

In a related news, CB-CID officers have conducted searches in the houses of three brokers in Trichy and Chennai.  The searches were conducted on Tuesday on their premises at Thennur in Tiruchi and Rayapuram in Chennai.

You might have seen hospitals are mushrooming in the city becoming a safe heaven for patients from all around the city and central part of the state. There are always reports that the hospitals are fleecing the patients when they are in a state of emotional distress by doing some tests that are not required or doing some tests at a very high frequency. There is always two sides of the coin and can always be justified from both point of views. But Trichy is blessed with lots of quality hospitals some serving for a very long time where hospitals and practices are being run by families ( Like KP Krishnan to KP Pichumani) and some hospitals run by business groups and public companies eyeing profits in the process. One such public hospital is SeaHorse hospital opposite Vestry School in Trichy. It is one of the famous hospitals nestled in a quiet residential area.  It made a net loss of Rs. 70 crores on a turnover of 98 Crores.

Vasan Healthcare Group of Trichy, a rs. 250 Crore company is poised to take over Seahorse Hosiptal near Central Busstand. The offer price is whispered to be Rs. 15 to Rs 20 Crores. The Vasan Group is the same group which has a network of Pharmacies in Trichy by the name of Vasan Pharmacy and Vaan Eye care center.

Source include Hindu Businesss Line.

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