This is about Trichy, a city in Tamilnadu. I was born and brought up in Trichy. Went to School in ERHSS and enjoyed the richness and diversity Trichy offered me. ( OfCourse I did not know what I was experiencing then) But a decade removed from Trichy did not diminish my love and yearning towards Trichy. In fact, it has increased it. In this blog I will give information about Trichy as I had experienced it and as I am seeing and hearing about it.


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  1. sathish Says:

    Hi !!

    Glad to meet another tiruchian online..

    I did my schooling from RSK and college from Jamal..

    Very glad to see this nice blog on tiruchy..

  2. Hari Says:

    Good job. Nice to see information regarding Trichy. I did my schooling in Campion.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. haroon Says:

    its really nice know about trichy. the place we all love. good work.

  4. Chandra Says:

    Hi I studied from ER High School (From 1 thru 11). I am a Trichian and proud to say that. Thanks for who ever is taking the initiatve to create these info.

    I am interested in buying real estate around the place of the proposed Tidel Park II in Trichy. Please send me additional details, leads, websites to


  5. Abdul Khaliq Says:

    I did my schooling with Vestry and ER. Those are the golden days to remember in life time.

  6. Diana Says:

    Hi, nice to meet all the Tiruchians here.
    Excellent information, keep it up.
    Update latest news

  7. Hi,

    It was nice to see such site and information about trichy. I suggest to provide more information, if could.


  8. Arun Says:


    It is really very nice to see the details in this site & my hearty wishes for your interest in developing this site. I have done my schooling in National Hr Sec School, Trichy

    Please keep it up & keep in touch


    1. fercy foyal Says:

      oh thanks for ur information iam goimg to tell speech of this topic i want ur speech kindly send bye.iam fercy

  9. maran Says:


    I’m from Singapore, born and bred here. However, my roots are from Trichy, and I’ve been keeping in touch, by regularly visiting Trichy, together with my family ever since.

    It’s great to see&learn details on the developments of Trichy through your this site.Therefore, please keep updating, and at the same time, wish&hope, that Trichy will be a great city just as Mumbai/Delhi/Chennai in the very near future. CHEERS&GOOD LUCK.

  10. senthil k kumar Says:

    I am from Srirangam. Studied in Sri Akilandeswari Vidyalaya(KG to VIII) & Srirangam Boys high school (IX to XII) & Bishop Heber College (B.Sc and M.Sc comp sci). Living in SG since 1994. Look forward to some serious development in Trichy, which is a central district for entire state and still ignored

    1. S.Sundararajan Says:

      Hi Senthil,
      I am also from Srirangam. By the way do u have a class mate by name Dhilip who studied BSC and M.SC Comp. SC in Biship too. He is my uncle’s son.

      1. Yes, Dhilip was my class mate. I remember you as well and your house in Adayavalanjan. I used to inquire about you and Dhilip’s relative next to Kishore’s house. I heard that you are Middle East. Have returned to Trichy 3 yrs ago and settled back permanently after being with IBM Singapore for 15 yrs. Regards

  11. S.Damodaran Says:

    I really enjoyed visiting your I too love Tiruchi as I was born and brought up at Woraiur, near Vekkalliamman Temple. River Cauvery is very amazing. Whenever, I travel by motorcycle or car on the left and right side of River bank in Musiri road or Kulithalai road, everytime I see the river with differences but very lovely and lively. Thanks for bringing all these information in your website. Soon, I will be contributing more to this site with valuable and amazing information about Tiruchi.

  12. Gopinath Says:

    Hi Everybody | Nice to see you all guys working in different place. I am basically from Srirangam (almost 25 years). Right now in Bangalore working in an Epublishing Company. I studied in Akilandeswari Vidhalaya (LKG to 5 std) and Srgm Boys High School from (6 to 12 std), BSc from National College, 1991-1994 batch. Look forward to see more list in this site. Good show cheers up.

  13. Anand Babu Says:

    hi it is nice 2 see u my fellow tiruchians.
    i did my schooling in Rajaji vidyalaya, NCHSS and college in
    SJC now iam doing MBA. if u know any vacany for MBA freshers kindly send me at it is fabulous to share our feelings. Take care

  14. Christopher Says:

    Hello Tiruchians,

    I’m a trichian and proud about it. I studied in All Saints Middle School,Puthur then B.H.S.S, Teppakulam then BHC,Puthur. For the past 10years I’m working in abroad, different countries(Sg,Mal,Nl &Ye). Always Home Is The Best ! Thanks for this website and i could get touch with my old friends through this site…

  15. RANJIT Says:

    I have been a regular visitor to this site and now really addicted to it. I do know who is the brain behind this site but would like to personally congratulate him for his efforts and time. Hats off to you and yiour good work

    I am at the moment working in Delhi and like everyone else admire and love my city. I would like to give some suggestions to make the site better and more informative

    1) Links / tabls for complete flight info. and schedule from and to Trichy
    2) Hotels in trichy and thier tariff

    Other info. for your update :
    Kingfisher is at the moment not operating any chennai-trichy flights (though it listed in schedule )

    Keep up the good work and with best wishes ……
    Another Trichian

  16. Ajay Says:

    Hai, Guys I am happy to share the news about Indian Airlines announment of increasing the frequency of Trichy to Sharjah flight from 4 times to 6 times a week before end of March 2007- Press clipping from Dinamalar dated 18th March 2007

  17. Karthik Jayaraman Says:

    Hi All,

    Iam also from this fertile soil of Trichy. I am currently working in bangalore. Nice to see someone starting a website (with caption : tiruchian)..

    Keep rocking Tiruchians!!!

  18. Deva Prakash Says:

    Hi Tiruchians

    Iam from Trichy the land with two big rivers and close to delta orign an with a small anaikattu untill 21 years iwas there but i cannot go away at present iam from botswana still gathering updates about trichy my schooldays were from vestry school

    Thank you guys
    respond to me about trichy

  19. vivek Says:

    Hai Nice to see a trichyian maintaing a very good blog, hats off…

    then am having photos of important places in trichy with good resoultion,

    it would useful for you to decorate the blog with pictures,

    if you are in need of those pictures mail me, will send that photos

  20. Ravikumar Says:

    It is very nice to have a dedicated website for Trichy(Most Valuable Tier-III city).
    I have been tracking this website for the past 3 months. The information has been updated regularly.

    Overall this is a very good initiative. Congrats from my end.

    let me know in this blog, whether i can add any information i have about trichy/

  21. Mohamed Bilal Says:

    Hi Everyone, Well, i was born in Trichy but then left to Hyderabad. Came back again and studied in YWCA School from 3rd to 12th Standard in BHEL, Later on, the school changed the name to BHEL Higher Secondary School. I did the college in JMC. I am really proud to be from Trichy. I am working in Dubai and the good news is Now, there is a direct flight from Dubai to Trichy in Air India Express. I have booked the Ticket and am coming in July. Whats more, i really miss my beautiful small City. I have some plans for my City, but then i should have huge amount of money to make my dream city into a Hitech City. Keep up the Good Jib guys……

  22. RANJIT Says:

    Hi Mohamed ,
    We need people like you who can the vision apart from money to grow and develop our city. Wish you all luck for your growth and the cities growth in future

  23. Niranjan Says:

    Hi..all Trichian…

    Happy to join this empowered group of Trichain.. . I did my Engineering in Shanmugha college,at present I am working in Qatar.

    I always red about our Trichy airport developement activities. I can say you that Trichy will give you reasonally good survice in near future. Since Last three years I always using this airport atleast one in a three months , and trying to perform well.

  24. Karthikeyan Says:

    Hi everybody,

    I am really very happy to say, Trichy is became a International Airport. My native is Trichy. Not only that, Now trichy is also imporved. That is the reason more industries focus on trichy. Hereafter trichy is growth and lot of consultants are coming to trichy.
    We thank to central government for this idea.

    Thank you very much for sharing my ideas to everyone.



  25. Krishna sarma.S Says:

    Hi Friends

    I am also a guy who came out from Trichy, Srirangam. The lovable holy place in the world. I finished my studies at srirangam Boys higher secondary school and did the college studies at National college and urumu dhanalakshmi college. currently I am working as a Database Manager at EDS Chennai. If any body wants to share there details they can contact in the above mail.

    Yours Lovingly
    S.Krishna Sarma

  26. Divakar Says:

    Hi Friends,

    I got into this website when I searching something…

    I am a guy born and brought up from Trichy studied in SHHSec School (A well known name Samiar school in Ponamalaipatti – 1985 & 87) Did partime Engineering degree (IT) in REC Trichy. Past 10 years and at preasent I am working in Singapore. And always look forward and eager to know about great-malaikottai-lovely city. Everyday I visit to know about Trichy and TamilNadu news .Now this one also added into my favourite listing. Well done. Keep up your good work to the community. All the Best. Bye.

  27. Singararaj Says:

    Hai nice to see such a site about my home town the updates were excellent !!!

    Keep it up !!!

  28. Niranjan Says:

    We can hope Mr. raja will do best of his ability to develope our City.

    He has tried so much to upgrade Governmetnt Hospital but, the idiotic Anbumani has shited toward selam .
    And also he(Mr.Raja) has put up his effert to develope trichy airport.. as you know all.. He is one of the politician has taken step to get clearance for Trichy -Dubai & Trichy -Singapore route from AAI ..

    Don’t degrade some of our respectable ministers, really doing something for our city…

    For to develope IT industries, need good infrasture(ie well connected route by Air, Train & road) & Human resourses .. We have lot of qualified people & onnectivity too.. in Trichy.. .. SO don’t worry.. Even though Perambalur is his native, he can develope Trichy IT sector, so that in future it may extend in Trichy -Peramballur route…

  29. Raja Says:

    Hai Trichians,
    We have to address one of the main issue which is lacking in our beautiful city Trichy. Lack of Five star hotel.I think only Hotel sangam which is holding three star hotel status is the one having the decent accomadation available but it may not be acceptable to the high flying flight crew.( not taking into account jenny & Royal).If we expect foreign carriers like Air Asia,Air Arabia,Silk air to operate to our city they need Five star hotel to put up their crew accomadation.

    I have a strong feeling that this is one of the area we need to address.Hope my fellow Trichians agree with me. Unless some one initiate this project it will be only dream for us to expect foreign carriers to operate in Trichy, I dont think that Indian government will allow any foreign carriers to operate to Chennai via Trichy where they have five star hotels to accomadate their staffs.

    Kindly initiate discussion on this very important issue.

  30. Ashok Says:

    You have a valid point there Raja! But a 5-star hotel in trichy would only mean bankruptcy for investors as it can only serve the purpose of accomodating cabin crew. The general public in trichy wouldn’t want to wine, dine or use the other facilities offered by such an hotel. There is no awareness whatsoever amongst trichy public towards spending disposable income on luxury.

    And we all know the kind of tourists who visit trichy – mostly the dirty unhygienic ones from the north who pee and poo on our streets! So, there isn’t much scope for tourism as well.

    With evident lack of avenues to make profit from high maintenance 5-star hotels, such an hotel in reality certainly isn’t an viable option.

  31. maran Says:

    Well, if the late Chief Minister MGR vision and dream, of turning Trichy into a capital city of Tamil Nadu state by then (1981), perhaps, Trichy could be witnessing several 4/5 star hotels by now, next to Chennai. Simply, lack of luck and support, and is still continuing till now, despite, strategically located with great potential aspects.

  32. Askar Hussain Says:

    Hi Everybody,
    Very happy to read ur comments about trichy city.I did my schooling from trichy in ERHSS,great school with great teachers and my UG and PG from Jamal Mohamed College.

  33. shanthavel Says:

    hi trichians,
    this is the first time i ve come across this site, i feel very happy on seeing so many of you guys over here. i dont know who started this but why cant we use this blog in a more usefull way,i dont have any great ideas for this presently, but one thing we can start doing, is to reveal each one of us over here by starting something like a membership.

    i would like to know the initiator of this blog, if u can please reveal yourself it will be very nice.
    hope to hear a lot of ideas for building this community of trichians into a good organisation. i m staying trichy so i can help NRTs ( non residing trichians) in this venture.

  34. S.Suthakar Says:

    i am studied in national evening college 97-2000 batch. i like trichy verymuch,
    because my college days.
    very good idea to develop a site separatly for trichian. thankyou
    keep it up.

  35. Godwin Joseph Says:


    This is a good idea to bring a wonderful city to light
    Trichian, keep up the good work and keep the site alive

  36. Kathir Says:

    Hi All,

    I am kathiravan. I did my schooling in BHEL boys HS…and college in Shanmugha

    Trichy – the moment we say or hear it, heart is beating a little more…
    We all love Our birth place as our mother…

    I found this page while searching about courses offered in colleges in trichy..

    really nice work…


  37. mani Says:

    hi guys
    i too from the cauvery karai, i did my coll there in st.joseph, its wonderful to c all these , im in hyderabad, whats up there,

  38. Senthil Kumar Says:

    Dear Tiruchian,

    Fine to see the web site exclusively for tiruchy. Can you tell me the location of Tiruchy IT Park.

    With Regards,


  39. ramkumar Says:

    hai sir…..
    me to a tiruchian.. i like this site very much../..

    i did my schooling in ERHSS… i am doing my B.E. in TCE madurai…,

  40. Hi,

    I am also a Trichian. I am very proud to say that. I love Trichy very much. I born, played, grown, sturided and lived @ Trichy. Currently I am working in Chennai. But whenever I am having leave, I won’t go anywhere but Tichy.

    Happy to see more infor about our city.

  41. Prasad Says:


    I am too from the great Kaveri Karai. born,played,studied and lived at Trichy only. I love Trichy so much. Particulary walking in Cauvery bridge,jumpin into river from the bridge. Cool.

    I am working in Dubai and settled here with family. But still I keep touch with Trichicians.


  42. Meer Mehdhi Hussain Says:

    Hi, I am also from the great Rockcity. Born, study at Jamal Mohammed College, work and lived at Trichy. I Love Trichy very much especially the Cauvery River, Grand Annikat, Rockford, JMC and all places in Trichy….

    Now I am in Abu Dhabi. But still i remember those days which i have spents at TRICHY. I am very proud to say I’m Trichirian.

    Happy to see the latest news updates of Trichy…

    Best Regards
    Meer Mehdhi Hussain

  43. N.TEHNNARASU Says:

    Hi, I am also from the great ROCK CITY. born, studied,worked and lived at Trichy. I am really very proud to say that I am belongs to Trichy. You have done a excellent job and keep informing us about the latest developments in Trichy.

    Best wishes for your good job. Now I am working in Dubai but my family members are still in Trichy only.

    best regards,

  44. Narayanan Says:

    Hi Guys,

    This blog is a fantastic idea. I am pretty sure that Trichy is going to develop very fast.

    Kindly inform if some new IT/ITES firms are opening up in Trichy


  45. Trichy IT guy Says:

    Latest Trichy IT park development news:

    The layout for the Tiruchi IT park is ready. Sutherlands and Cognizant Technology Solutions will be given 10 acres each.…2553940500.htm

  46. Anand VS Says:


    I am a trichian. Rightnow I am working for an E-publishing company in Goa.

  47. Firoz Ahamed Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am R.Firoz Ahamed. I have completed B.A in economics at Jamal Mohamed Collegeon April 2007 .And I Completed DIPLOMA IN ADVANCED AIRLINE & TRAVEL AGENCY PROGRAMME. I would like to apply as a Trainee on your esteemed organization. I assure you that I will be sincere and dedicate in my work. I promise you that I will work hard for the betterment of the organization.
    Thanking You.

    R.Firoz Ahamed.
    Cell: +91 9944009838

  48. parthiban Says:

    Dear all,
    I very near to great Kaveri Karai. born,played,studied and lived at Trichy only. I love Trichy so much. Particulary take bath in Cauvery river is very much Cool.

    I am really missing trichy verry much. But still I keep touch with Trichicians.


  49. Dhanasekaran Says:

    hi a great job you are doing well?

    can i add your blog into my site for city watch up?

  50. Parthasarathy Says:

    Juz happnd to see this website..its awesome.I did my engg in trichy and i luv the place.I have so much of memories popng up abt every corner of trichy where we use to hang around.,Those days are really awesome.Hope i visit this regularly to see more abt my beloved city.My hearty congrats to the web team to bring in such a beautiful city web which can give a Vision on trichy to this world.I miss Trichy.

    Gud luck

  51. Jay Says:

    Very pleased to see a web page on my home town.

  52. malic Ibrahim Says:

    Hi everyone,
    i should appreciate the effort this web team and the person who initiated it. though we are apart we have a common base TRICHI.

    it would be nice if you add more features.

    hope this blog definitely make a social cause.


    Malic Ibrahim

  53. Raja GP Says:

    Hi Ramkumar,

    Kudos to you for maintaining this blog for Trichy. As a Tiruchian I’m proud that Trichy is finally caught in the IT radar. Nice to know Trichy is under a major face lift.

    I wish Trichy will become a major hub for IT in the South by considering its tech talent pool and location.

    Please keep up the good work!!!

    Raja GP

  54. Ram Says:


    I was doing my schooling same time but was couple of standards ahead than you. Then later again I joined the very next school Rajaji Vidyalaya. I completed my MBA from Melbourne, now Iam working for ORACLE in Bangalore. I you feel of sharing me more about your school, you can get in touch at mail id at

    Thanks and Take care

  55. bharath Says:

    Hi there man,
    I would be glad to know more abt you.
    Am also from Trichy and trying to do some interesting projects relating to Trichy.

    Please see
    Its a free tech support system for Trichy people, just review that website and try to provide a link to that site in your blog.

    You can email me for more,

  56. v.s.velayudan Says:

    I live in Tiruchy and chanced upon to see the site. I am interested to inform ,ore aboutTiruchy’s horary past and be of some help to fellow tiruchirans. can i have the mail id and phone no of Mr.Ramkumar who seems to contribute a lot with his postings. velayudan. by the way may i know the ownerand author of this site?

  57. RANJIT Says:

    Good Effort Bharat.Keep this up. Someone who has access to skyscrapper please inlcude that link there.

  58. Supraja Says:

    Swargamee Endralum athu namurru pola varuma !!!!

    Great to see website on Trichy :-))

    Do let me know of any new projects that you are trying to establish…I would do my best for it.

  59. singaravelu Says:

    Hai! folks. Great to know that nobody forgets a lovely place called trichy. I finished my schooling from vestry in 1999, and graduate degree from Srimad Andavan College,Srirangam.

  60. senthilkumar Says:

    Hai everybody,

    i am senthilkumar from no-1 tollgate trichy

  61. M.N.Maran Says:

    hi can anyone update what are the flights coming in to trichy in the near future.

  62. M.N.Maran Says:

    hi can anyone update what are the (airlines) flights (planning) coming in to trichy in the near future

  63. A.KUMAR Says:

    Many airlines including Singapore Airlines,Air Asia,Air Arabia,Paramount,Oman have shown interest to start operations to Trichy.But we will have wait until they actually start the services.

  64. M.N.Maran Says:

    I do’nt think trichy can handle so many flights a day even with the scheduled expansion.

    But it is good to hear so many airlines planning consider trichy in their flight map.

  65. maran Says:

    The new Terminal building is catered to handle upto 50 flights in a day.Hence, it’s more than enough for this current period of time.

    Moreover, planned to further expand the new Terminal building by another 3 more aerobridges, totalling 6 aerobridges in all, depending on the market demand.

  66. A.KUMAR Says:

    Right, the existing terminal and the new terminal which should be completed in couple of months could handle more than 50 flights a day which I think is more than enough.

  67. mohan Says:

    Dear all
    The following link is enough to know about the origin of our city

  68. vivek Says:

    hi trichians,
    this is the first time i have come across this site, i feel very happy on seeing so many of you guys over here. i finished my schooling from bpbhss in i am in hyderabad for my carrier.really this site is useful for updates of trichy city

  69. Aravin Says:

    I am aravin studied in St.Joseph’s college. Now working in Singapore. Happy to see you all in this forum

  70. mohan Says:

    Hi ,

    Iam mohan, iam studied sacert higher sec school ponmalipatti. but iam working in bangalore, so i miss trichy…i love all kind of peoples

  71. Siddique Hussain Says:


    Excellent site..Thanks

    I’m from Mumbai settled presently in Dubai..married to a girl from this beautiful city….i felt life quite peaceful and homely in this city..As i see it..Trichy really needs an infrastructure upgrade…good roads, flyovers, walkways, proper sanitation etc. This will invite much from throughout the country…

    Let’s form a group and pull the rite strings, approach the rite people…Trichy has the potential to be a metropolis.. let’s help it….

  72. Mohamed Zakir Says:


    I did my schooling in St John Vestry AIHSS and iam working in Oman. i am very happy to know about the development going on in trichy. I want trichy to come under Tier I cities.

    Tiruchian are more peaceful and humble. I love trichy, want to come back.

  73. Shahul Says:

    I have finished Civil draughtsman NCVT Course (ITI Course).Iam experience Twoyear above (AutoCAD).I want to study B.E part time anna university. how can i apply for that
    pls detaile fees

  74. Raju Periyasamy Says:


    This is Raju Periyasamy from Canada. I was studied in St.Joseph,s college and Annamalai University. I am so much missing to swim in Cauvery River. I am coming to Tiruchy next year. Thank you for your worderful service about the development of Tiruchy airport and it’s news.

  75. Parthasarathi Says:

    I finished my college in Bharathidasan Institute of Technology. Four years we spent our time over there. I missed Tiruchirappalli lot.

  76. Senthil Says:

    Some news to cheer about our city…

    Tamil Nadu’s fourth largest city and India’s boiler capital, Tiruchirapalli (Trichy) is a fast growing tier II destination where realty scene has seen a gradual shift. Housing Asia’s largest boiler manufacturing facility, it has gained recognition as a hub for power equipment manufacturing, fabrication and ancillaries. Public sector heavyweight BHEL kickstarted the industrial growth and now several players like Ceethar Vessels, GB Engineering and Veesons Engineering have emerged on the national scene.

    ….. and it goes on….

  77. Senthil Says:

    Some marvelous facts about trichy… very interesting to read….

  78. Senthil Says:

    In today’s Hindu 31.7.2008, Trichy’s Boiler Potential is stated…

    Expo to showcase power industry in Tiruchi

    Special Correspondent

    CHENNAI: The power sector industry in Tiruchi, already worth Rs. 10,000 crore, could grow to Rs. 35,000 crore by 2015 with heavy investment in boiler and fabrication industries, Senthil Annamalai, chairman, CII Tiruchi zone, said here on Wednesday.

    Speaking at a curtain-raiser for ‘Energex 2008 – a three-day energy excellence exhibition,’ Mr. Annamalai said Tiruchi already contributed 65-70 per cent of the boilers made in the country, and new investments would consolidate its position as the “energy equipment and fabrication capital of India.”

    The exhibition would highlight the contribution of Tiruchi in terms of existing business and opportunities in the energy equipment industry, P. V. Kannan, chairman, Energex 2008, said.

    As part of the exhibition, a conference would be held with presentations on technology for high efficiency, medium efficiency, and ‘green’ methods of power generation.

    The three-day exhibition is expected to attract 80 exhibitors and 5,000 business and trade visitors, generating revenue of about Rs. 300 crore, he said.

    The exhibition is slated to be held between September 26 and 28 on St. John Vestry Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School grounds in Tiruchi.

    Feels Great to hear….

  79. Jeeva Says:

    Feel sorry to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    End of the day all proposed projects will be concentrated around chennai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????

  80. This is nice web site i used to browse regularly. Thanks to the webmaster.
    Attn : Siddique Hussain (Comment no 71) Your suggestion and idea is great. Here we can form a group. I welcome every trichian to help this city to grow

  81. Nisha Says:

    Hey – I am looking for an old friend of mine who resides in Trichy – the last I know she got married into the Adaikalaraj or his sister’s family. Her name is Sharmila and she is married to Bosco…Can any Trichians provide me a number to contact or know their whereabouts- looking for her since 1997. Thanks so much!

  82. Nisha Says:

    Hey – I am looking for an old friend of mine who resides in Trichy – the last I know she got married into the Adaikalaraj or his sister’s family. Her name is Sharmila and she is married to Bosco…Can any Trichians provide me a number to contact or know their whereabouts- looking for her since 1997. Thanks so much!Could you please email me if you know anything – she was my dear dear friend. My email address –

  83. Godwin Says:

    The site cool. I just bumped unto it.

    Cheers to all Trichians. Haaaaaaaaaa

  84. Raj Says:

    hi friends,
    I am doing my MBA (HR and customer relationship management) thro’ correspondence. I want to undergo training in BHEL or ANY big institutions where I can go for a short period of about 15 days to 1 month. Please guide me. I want to do in trichy only.

  85. Madhavan Says:

    I done BCA and MCA from UDC Trichy. I want ot start Business. Any one have an idea about any business mail me about your Business. Bye Bye……

  86. trichyportal Says:

    There is a requirement of Medical Professionals for BHEL Trichy unit, i have uploaded the details , check this link for more info

  87. Basheer Says:

    Hallo all Trichiyans. I am from New Delhi. All my relatives are in Trichy. studied short term courses in Trichy. Very eager to share Trichy developements in future.
    Example 1: Mono rail scheme: Airport to SriRangam. Example 2: Monthly special market in Trichy.( able to collect all type of bz men from all over India) 3.Refine Housing Estates. 4. All auto ricksha and Taxis under electronic card system. 5.Police department and Public relationship programmes.

  88. SANDEEP Says:


    i am really proud to be an trichian. all above i love my wonderful school( vestry )1978-1990.
    i always think my teacher manju mohandas who encouraged me always.

  89. trichyportal Says:

    There is a job opening in BHEL for CAs, ICWAs, and B.Com Graduates, i have uploaded the adv @

  90. Shanmugam Says:

    Dear friends,

    I am working for an ITES based company here in trichy. We have openings for Customer support Executives in our company here in Trichy.Good communication & Attitude are the basic essentials. If interested kindly forward your profiles to mentioning Job applied for as CSE in the subject of the mail.You can also refer your friends who would be interested to work in trichy & ask them to forward their profiles to the same mail id.

    Thanks in advance…


  91. Trichy Tonic Says:

    Southern rly presents budget wishlist

    Express News Service First Published : 12 Feb 2009 03:02:00 AM ISTLast Updated : 12 Feb 2009 09:20:20 AM

    With the Ministry of Railways getting prepared to present the vote-on-account, the Southern Railway has presented a ‘Wish list’ before the ministry.

    This list includes various proposals made by the Southern Railway to get support for continuing the infrastructure development in passenger and goods transportation.

    “The priority areas are like improving passenger amenities, renewed security measures and increasing the height of the platforms,” said Neenu Ittyearh, official spokesperson for the railways.

    It is informed that the proposal includes Rs 130.4 crore for freight terminals, Rs 47.6 crore for manning level crossings, Rs 50.7 crore for building road over bridges and Rs 145 crore for passenger amenities.

    The amount will be spent on the freight terminals at Salem, Erode, Trichy and Kazhakuttam.

    Level crossings will be manned at Chennai, Salem, Trichy, Trivandrum and Madurai divisions.

    Road over bridge works will be at Shoranur- Kollam, Trichy-Dindugal, Villupuram- Trichy, Madurai-Tirunelveli and others sectors.

  92. Trichy Tonic Says:

    List of 43 new trains announced in rail budget

    IANS First Published : 13 Feb 2009 02:12:36 PM

    ISTLast Updated :
    NEW DELHI: Railways Minister Lalu Prasad Friday announced the introduction of 43 new trains, including four Garib Raths – air-conditioned trains for the poor – while presenting the interim railway budget for 2009-10 in the Lok Sabha.

    1. Bilaspur-Tirunelveli via Thiruvananthapuram Express (Weekly)

    2. Ranchi-Jaynagar Express (Tri-Weekly)

    3. Secunderabad-Manuguru Superfast (Daily)

    4. Mumbai-Karwar Superfast (Tri-weekly)

    5. Bhopal-Lucknow Junction Garib Rath Express (Weekly)

    6. Durg-Jaipur Express (Weekly)

    7. Chhatrapati Sahu terminal (Kolhapur)-Dhanbad Link Service via Parasnath (Weekly)

    8. Sengottai-Erode Passenger (Daily)

    9. Dibrugarh Town-Chandigarh Express (Weekly)

    10. Ajmer-Bhagalpur via Delhi Garib Rath Express (Bi-Weekly)

    11. Nizamuddin-Bangalore via Kacheguda Rajdhani Express (Tri-weekly)

    12. Barauni-Delhi Jan Sadharan Superfast (Bi-weekly)

    13. Mumbai-Varanasi Superfast (Daily)

    14. Mysore-Yesvantpur Express (Daily)

    15. Jamalpur-Gaya Passenger

    16. Korapur-Rourkela Express via Rayagada (Daily)

    17. Agra-Ajmer Superfast (Daily)

    18. Sitamarhi-Patna Link Service (Daily)

    19. Tiruchirapalli-Madurai Express (Daily)

    20. Mumbai-Bikaner Superfast (Bi-weekly)

    21. Jaynagar-Ajmer Link Service (Bi-weekly)

    22. Agra-Lucknow Junction Shatabdi Express (Daily)

    23. Gandhidham-Kolkata Superfast (Weekly)

    24. New Delhi-Guwahati Rajdhani Express via Bhagalpur (Weekly)

    25. Mumbai-Tirunelveli Superfast via Thiruvananthapuram (Bi-weekly)

    26. Jammu Tawi-Darbhanga Garib Rath Express (Weekly)

    27. Saharsa-Delhi Express via Patna (Weekly)

    28. Gwalior-Bhopal Intercity Express via Guna (Five days a week)

    29. Coimbatore-Tuticorin Link Service (Daily)

    30. Howrah-Haridwar Superfast (Five days a week)

    31. Machhalipatnam-Mumbai Superfast (Bi-weekly)

    32. Varanasi-Jammu Tawi Superfast (Daily)

    33. Gorakhpur-Mumbai Superfast (Daily)

    34. Jhajhar-Patna

    35. New Delhi-Palwal

    36. New Delhi-Guwahati Rajdhani Express via Muzaffarpur (Weekly)

    37. Veraval-Mumbai Link Service (Daily)

    38. Ranchi-Patna Jan Shatabdi (Daily)

    39. Jhansi-Chhindwara Superfast (Bi-weekly)

    40. Mumbai-Jodhpur Express (Weekly)

    41. Hajipur-Bagaha Link Service

    42. Howrah-Delhi Link Service via Azimganj-Bhagalpur (Weekly)

    43. Sitamarhi-Delhi Garib Rath Express via Patna (Weekly)

  93. Trichy Tonic Says:

    TIRUCHY: With a vow to make the next Pragyan more powerful, the curtains were lowered on the four-day science and technology festival, Pragyan 09, on the campus of National Institute of Technology here on Sunday.

    As many as 900 students from 45 colleges from across eight countries participated in the festival which was inaugurated by Dr Praveen Vishakantaiah, president of Intel India on Februray 12.

    On Sunday, presiding over the valedictory, Dr M Chidambaram, Director, NITT, said: “This is the best among the Pragyan series and the next would be more attractive.” Delivering the valedictory address, Dr Loren Acton, research professor at Montana State University, said it was a great privilege for an American scientist to be here in India meeting the student community.

  94. Rahim Says:

    Hello Mr. Ramkumar,

    You’ve made a fantastic blog.

    I am a medical student of Srilankan origin living in Denmark. I am interested in a clinical stay in a hospital in Trichy.

    How many hospitals do you have in trichy?
    How many private hospitals?

    Do you have website adresses? Is Trichy a tourist friendly city?

    Yours Sincerely

  95. MRR Says:

    Hi check this link for the details on “Lift to Rock Fort Temple”

  96. Tamil Selvan Says:

    Good work!, keep it up..

  97. Dhivya Says:

    Excellent job Trichian!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How can I help you to add more features in this site for our delighting Trichy..

  98. dhivya Says:

    Hey Trichians..
    I am doing MBA.
    I need to do case study in finance.
    Give me ideas in choosing Trichy companies

  99. dhivya Says:


  100. Meiya Says:

    Hello Dhivya

    Are you going to do a case study or Project work

  101. Meiya Says:

    Hello Rahim

    Of course all Indians are warm , friendly and hospitable

    You can try with KMC , it is a Multi Specialty hospital in Trichy
    Try on web for kmc hospital trichy

  102. dhivya Says:

    Hai Meiya..
    Thank you for your resoonse.
    i am going to do casestudy in finance.

  103. Shriram Says:

    Hi Tiruchians,
    Very excited to see this website. I am also from Tiruchy and I love Tiruchy – the ancient Chola Capital!!

    I studied in Bishop Heber school and in Jamal college! So, anybody studied in Jamil from (1999 -2002)?


  104. Kathiravan Says:

    With everyone’s support this blogger will grew.
    i have completed my schooling Sacred Heart Higher secondary School(Ponmalipatti)
    Diploma completed at Seshasayee Institute of technology(SIT)2000 ~ 2003.Instrumentation.
    If any body have completed with me contact me through

  105. shaji Says:

    hai . i have completed draughtman civil in itc . i am working as auto cad draughtman in trivandrum , 4year experince in this job

  106. farook Says:

    hi tiruchian, can u pls tell the taxi fare from tiruchi airport to tiruchi main railway station

  107. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  108. senthilkumar.e Says:

    Hai everybody…..
    I am senthilkumar from no-1 tollgate
    now i am working in kovai…

  109. senthilkumar.e Says:

    past 100 days i am not in try…
    how is our try…..

  110. Iniyavan Says:

    Hi Friends,

    Nice to see you here… I did my schooling in ER.


  111. senthilkumar.e Says:

    hai every body

  112. senthilkumar.e Says:

    happy diwali wishes for all and nri

  113. Nithi Says:


    Check out his site You guys may fint it useful


  114. selvarani Says:


    im very glad to see this interesting blog at first time….

    its informative too…..



  115. S.Sundararajan Says:

    Hi all,

    Nice to see a lovely site about Trichy. I am from Srirangam. Did my schooling in Boys high school srirangam (1975 to 80) and in Bishop Heber Higher seconary school ( 1981-83) and National Evening college (1983 -86)
    I am Dubai for the last 17 years. Good work guys. Nice to know more about the growing city.

    1. Sankara Narayanan Says:

      Hi Sundar

      This is Sankara Narayanan.
      I was also in the same batch 1981-83 (Bishop Heber H.S.S).

      I am in Kuwait since 2005 and prior to that i was in Canada.

      Guess you may be knowing Aravindan, Srinivasan, Prakash



      1. S.Sundararajan Says:

        Hi Sankara Narayanan,
        Nice to hear from you after long time. I am presently in Dubai and Aravindan is also here. Prakash is based in Chennai. Hope you are doing well. can you please give me your contact details / email in kuwait so i could call you.

  116. Shankar Says:

    Hello Tiruchian,

    It is by chance that I came across this blog. I did my schooling at Campion. It is more than eight years since I have left this magic place.

    Although I am in US right now, my heart is still with Tiruchy. It would be great if you could post some latest pics of Tiruchy

  117. Hi,

    I am based at Trichy. Actually i was born in Tanjore. Did schooling in almost all towns of tamilnadu and somehow love the country side and the simple life in villages. I have worked in UK for over 5 years and loved its country side too. I am back and running a small engineering and technology startup from Trichy. We have a core team based out of Trichy. I came back to india with the idea of setitng up a shop in chennai or bangalore. But i somehow liked this small townish city and being the hot bed of education in tamilnadu and i decided to keep the base of my venture at Trichy. I did my schooling for 2 years at St.John’s Vestry.
    One of the best schools at present in Trichy is Sivanada Balalaya. Their approach to education and learning is very different from what we have experienced during our childhood. VEry dedicated staff, nominal fees, care for Special Children etc

    Best Regards

  118. Prem Kumar Says:

    Dear Trichiites,

    I suppose it is useless in discussing in a virtual room.. Both the state and central representatives were pushing down the growth of Trichy.

    The main objective of DMK party were,
    –>kadal neerai kudineerakkum thittam.
    –>Tharisu nilangalai vilai nilangalaga matrum thittam.
    –>malaikottai tharaikottaiyaga matrum thittam.

    Cities even Salem, Tirunelveli, Tuticorin were ahead of Trichy in infrastructure and development..

    –> No trains originating from Trichy.
    –> AIIMS Super Speciality hospital scheme shifted to Salem & Madurai due to political preasure
    –> Trichy Airport has been de-promoted as per the instruction received from a top politician from Madurai and Madurai airport has been promoted.
    –> No trains has been announced by the Railway ministry from Trichy, Instead trains originating from trichy has been extended to other Zones.
    –> The state or central representatives from our district is not interested in developing the city. But we are blaming the associations and industries.

    The next aim of DMK government is to make Madurai the sub-capital of tamilnadu. Bifurcate Trichy and merge it with Madurai and other surrounding districts. This is because we are not paying tax. Govt (Both Central & State govt) does not get any benefits from Trichy.

    –> Central govt cancels almost all the flight services provided by Airindia & Indian airlines from Trichy. The main reason for the loss of NACIL is due to the officials political view.

    Ultimately, govt is not functioning based on the democracy, but based on the political influences.

    Trichy is expecting its doom’s day..

  119. premkumar Says:

    Hi Tiruchiites,

    On 30th January, myself and my friend went to Rockfort Temple. There I found 4 people, likely college students, were taking survey for launching Rope car facility at Rockfort Temple. We also enquired them about the process. It has been proposed by tamilnadu government. Almost 80% of the people gave positive reply for this Scheme. Hope at least this scheme comes into real.

  120. martyn Says:

    Hi Friends If you know anyone who has met with a fire accident or people who are born with problems / disabilities such as jointed ear, nose and mouth, please note they can avail free plastic surgery at Pasam Hospital, KODAIKANAL from March 23rd to 4th April 2010 by German Doctors. Every thing is free. Contact Nos. 04542 – 240668, 245732Heart Surgery Free Of Cost for Children (0-10) – Shri Satya Sai Institute, Banglore – Ph : 080 28411500

  121. Prasanna Says:

    This is Prasanna, did schooling in Vestry (1989 – 1997) Biology group. Now employeed in Bangalore. Reach me in

  122. Sanjay Bafna Says:

    BSNL 3G Mobile & Data Services Now In Trichy and Salem (Tamilnadu)

  123. Sangeetha Says:

    nice to see a website on Trichy, I did my schooling in ST.Joshephs AIGHSS.. anyone from the 2002 pass out batch?

  124. Narayanan Says:

    hi from Trichy and working in happy to see this site..i encourage everybody to update abt our golden city…!

  125. Suresh Says:

    Hi I did my schoolings at campion and left the school for higher secondary. I would luv to see friends of 1991 batch (12th passout) i left campion at 10th (1989)

  126. Christa Says:

    fells good to have a nice site about Home sweet Home

  127. raja Says:

    i am very happy to see this group.Trichy is very beautiful city located at the centre of tamilnadu with beautiful resources.but developments are very slow here.trichy rockfort train is running from kumbakonam to chennai not from as the name mentioned.

  128. mnmaran Says:

    it is good to see good things about trichy

  129. sunni Says:

    it is a punda college what a beautiful principal and mokka mani sorry punda mani. by arun prakash msw (hod)

  130. Hi,

    This is awesome info dude..

    keep going 🙂

  131. Premkumar Says:

    Company – Vagus Technologies

    Location – Trichy

    Position – Software Developer

    Experience – 1-3 yrs

    Requirements – Front End — 2.0 and 3.5 with c#, web service, Ajax
    Database —–Sqlserver 2005

    Contact –


  132. Muthu Says:

    Hi All
    I am Muthu,live in Trichy.I recently moved into this beautiful city.I love this city and its wonderful people.I work with an NGO,trying to help the poor and needy.We work with HIV/AIDS,Beggars,Slum Dwelleres and etc.
    On Dec 3rd, We are having a oneday program for the beggars near Chathram Bus stand.
    Looking forward to help more needy people.Thanks.

  133. Hosubai Says:

    hi trichians

    One more trichian joining you. Its great job dude. Prem kumar, what you told is correct. Hope trichy will excel soon….

  134. VIDYA Says:

    hai friends gud night swt dremz.ALL SECOND YR STUDENT ALL THE BEST OR OOPS EXAM.BY VIDHYA

  135. VIDYA Says:

    hello sir,i want to a first sem and second sem arriear time table sir pls send me my mail address sir.pls plz.which day start the exam.pls timetable send me sir pls pls pls.

  136. trichiyan Says:

    poda pokathavankalla

    vellaiya parunka


  137. mathu Says:

    pls server connect panuga.plsug results pakanum.i have very interest .

  138. nia Says:

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while doing research for my possible visit to Trichy. I’m traveling with my boyfriend and we’ve been searching for hotels in Trichy to book ahead but nothing seems to be available. I know you’re a local, but do you recommend visitors come to Trichy without a hotel reservation?


    P.S. If you get a chance check out my travel blog:

    1. amsi Says:

      Hi Nia, Femina Hotel is the Famous one at Trichy down and Most of the Trichy Hotels details available at Tripadvisor.Com. rgds.

  139. vidhya Says:

    pls re-result solluga

  140. P.K.M.Abdul Rahim Says:

    I am a Tiruchian, studied in Campion School upto 6th std. , E.R.High School upto 11std, Jamal Mohamed College for PUC,and Professioned from Annmalai University by 1984. We recently during 2009 had a meet for 25th Anniversary , which induced me to link with my other mates of my life. I am presently on vacasion from Qatar, and happened to meet my 40 years old friends from Campion School.
    It is very easy in this Era to be linked and I would like to Thank God for his Grace to make people to meet after long long gap.
    it is really regenuvative To have such enjoyment of historical meet.
    Contact particular is
    Hope to be linked as many as posible

    God is Great.

    Abdul Rahim

  141. Thilak Says:

    Hi Friends,
    Good to see such a blog.i am thilak.Bishop Heber Hr. Sec School-1986

  142. Radha Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Nice to see this blog. At present lives in Coimbatore
    I done my schooling in SVS and finished my engg. in TEC. Almost spent 20 yrs over there.
    Trichy is such a nice place. Recently got a chance to see Trichy airport and i loved the entrance view

  143. Revathy V. Says:

    I am revathy. i studied MSc maths at National Evening College during 1987-1989 in Trichy. I would like to find my friends who studied with me during this period. please help me find my friends

  144. Shankar Chandramowli Says:

    I was thinking of sharing an idea of mine about Tiruchy.The other day while I was viewing Google maps of Tiruchy, I came across a huge parcel of vacant land at Anna Nagar (opposite Uzhavar Sandai) right in the heart of the city . If remember correct, the area was a garbage dump and/or an old graveyard somewhere behind it.

    I was thinking of converting this land into a modern urban forest or a park. Cities like New Delhi have huge tracts of land designated as forests right in the heart of the city (Central Ridge). Even Chennai has its own forest reserve at IIT-Koturpuram area. Maybe a few years down the line, even wildlife like deer can be introduced in them. Also, the land has access to Uyankondam canal for water.

    we need to act fast before this parcel of land gets built under the pressures of urban expansion.

    Your thoughts/ idea are most welcome. Spread the idea among folks in Tiruchirapalli as well !!!

  145. maha Says:

    hlo u.g re-result yepa varum? varuma varatha??

  146. Radha Says:

    Hi All,
    Am Radha, working in Bosch, Coimbatore.. Need a favour. As of now, we are looking for a single BHK house in Trichy within the city limits. If you got to know any house for rent, please updated me at Thank You

    1. Hi Madam,warm Welcome, myself Kishore from VIP CITY
      our Newly Launched site -திருச்சி தோகை மலை ரோடு வி ஐ பி -சிட்டி ஆர்ச்சம்பட்டி யில் ஓர் அழகான மனை 1200 மற்றும் 2400 சதுர அடி | ஒரு சதுர அடி விலை ரு 240 = மட்டும் , 50 வருட பட்டா சட்ட இலவசம்,20 அடியில் சுவையான குடிநீர் ,பேருந்து வழி தடம், பத்திர பதிவு இலவசம்*,மனையினை பார்வையிட கார் வசதி,அருமையான வருங்கால நிதி சேமிப்பு! முன் பதிவுக்கு அழைக்கவும் ! 915 044 0431 | BEST investment in land more than others | Gated Community| Surrounded by
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  147. logesh Says:

    Can U sent ur phone number?

  148. Hey there, my name is Rita and I’m a fellow blogger out of Lehen, Austria. I’m
    glad to see the work you’re doing on this site. Coming upon About | Tiruchian was refreshing and helpful in terms of writing and work. Continue the great work guys: I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I believe it will boost the worth of my web site.

    1. Dear Sir,warm Welcome, myself Kishore from VIP CITY
      our Newly Launched site -திருச்சி தோகை மலை ரோடு வி ஐ பி -சிட்டி ஆர்ச்சம்பட்டி யில் ஓர் அழகான மனை 1200 மற்றும் 2400 சதுர அடி | ஒரு சதுர அடி விலை ரு 240 = மட்டும் , 50 வருட பட்டா சட்ட இலவசம்,20 அடியில் சுவையான குடிநீர் ,பேருந்து வழி தடம், பத்திர பதிவு இலவசம்*,மனையினை பார்வையிட கார் வசதி,அருமையான வருங்கால நிதி சேமிப்பு! முன் பதிவுக்கு அழைக்கவும் ! 915 044 0431 | BEST investment in land more than others | Gated Community| Surrounded by
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      * if not interest sorry to ignore this sir,if you think good refer to your frends sir!

  149. senthurvelan Says:

    iam senthurvelan. i studied in srirangam boys hs school and ranked school 1st in xii std exam in the year 1984-85. i want to chat with my classmates. is anybody available in this blog?
    My mob no is 9840661686. I am in chennai.

    1. Dear Sir,warm Welcome, myself Kishore from VIP CITY
      our Newly Launched site -திருச்சி தோகை மலை ரோடு வி ஐ பி -சிட்டி ஆர்ச்சம்பட்டி யில் ஓர் அழகான மனை 1200 மற்றும் 2400 சதுர அடி | ஒரு சதுர அடி விலை ரு 240 = மட்டும் , 50 வருட பட்டா சட்ட இலவசம்,20 அடியில் சுவையான குடிநீர் ,பேருந்து வழி தடம், பத்திர பதிவு இலவசம்*,மனையினை பார்வையிட கார் வசதி,அருமையான வருங்கால நிதி சேமிப்பு! முன் பதிவுக்கு அழைக்கவும் ! 915 044 0431 | BEST investment in land more than others | Gated Community| Surrounded by
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      * if not interest sorry to ignore this sir,if you think good refer to your frends sir!

  150. I was a student of ERHSS trichy.
    I am very glad to see this website.

  151. Great web site. A lot of helpful information here. I am sending it to several buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious.

    And of course, thank you in your sweat!

  152. திருச்சி தோகை மலை ரோடு வி ஐ பி -சிட்டி ஆர்ச்சம்பட்டி யில் ஓர் அழகான மனை 1200 மற்றும் 2400 சதுர அடி | ஒரு சதுர அடி விலை ரு 240 = மட்டும் , 50 வருட பட்டா சட்ட இலவசம்,20 அடியில் சுவையான குடிநீர் ,பேருந்து வழி தடம், பத்திர பதிவு இலவசம்*,மனையினை பார்வையிட கார் வசதி,அருமையான வருங்கால நிதி சேமிப்பு! முன் பதிவுக்கு அழைக்கவும் ! 915 044 0431

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