Trichy city is expanding.. ………..TOI reports that there are plans in preliminary stages to include suburbs like Thiruvarembur into Trichy so that the infrastructure projects and other necessary amenities can be brought on par with the current Trichy city. The Trichy city is about now and will expand to 240 Sq.Km. Looks like the plans in the prelim stages and there are plans to expand other cities like Coimbatore also in the works.

One of the reason cited for this plan is to include those suburbs in the multi crore development projects. Usually the urban centers get the lion’s share in these projects .. Now we are just increasing the size of the pie so that the urban wealth can be distributed to these panchayats also.

Good Plan, in my opinion. But not sure If  and when it will come to fruition. ( May be the cynic in me is talking here….)