Recently I had a chance to visit some Super Markets in Trichy.. Trichy has quite a few retail outlets now where you can go in and pick what you want and pay the bill before exit and they are quite busy too.

I visited Femina Supermarket recently and observed that it is a popular hang out spots for families. The femina mart has fast food, fruit juice outlet, Children play area, Clothes and general goods mart in one location. Very convenient location near Central busstand.. Lots of people in the evening .. All the outlets are cramped and loaded with goods. There are lots of attendants to help you out but mostly they get in your way of choosing the products you want. Most of the time , you will be interrupting their chatting with other employees also … The shopping experience can be much better if they reduce the number of people work there along with some clear arrangement of the existing goods.   ( Not throwing stuff in the floor) But I guess for many people, convenience of having variety of things inside one compound trumps everything.

Another Supermarket (Hypermarket, as it is called) is Spencer’s Hypermarket in Cantonment.  I was surprised to see very spacious and quite a nice arrangement of goods.  There was not many varieties of every product available here. I was looking for some biscuits for kids and surprised to see very little variety there.. But the layout was clean and actually spacious for Carts also. It also has a fast food place inside and a special location for hair care products and personal care products.. Not many employees were there when I went but I was able to find employees when I had some questions. The checkout process could have been smoother. I used my credit card to pay for that and they have to try about two CC machines before it connected to the bank.. But atleast they accepted CC which I found is increasing in Trichy..

I was also told that there is a smaller version of Spencer’s retail outlet called Spencer’s Daily… Have not been to that yet.