In the Tamilnadu budget, there are provisions for many new colleges and polytechnics to be opened in many places. Some of the noted ones are below.

  • Anna university for technology with Madurai as HQ for Technical universities in and around Madurai, Dindigul, Theni, Ramanathapuram and Sivaganga districts.
  • A postgraduate extension centre of Tiruvalluvar University would be set up at Villuppuram.
  • Four new Government Arts and Science Colleges would be started in Pudukottai, Theni, Tiruvannamalai and Viluppuram districts.
  • Seven new polytechnic colleges would be started.
  • A government polytechnic college would be started at Melur in Madurai district

These are great new additions and will certainly help the students. But I have an opinion on the creation of technical umbrella entity called Anna University again.

We already have Anna University as an umbrella for technical colleges in Trichy, Coimbatore and Tirunlveli and now we are getting one in Madurai. I am not sure whether we need all these divisions within technical universities which is just going to increase parallel posts / appointees doing the same task in different district HQs. Like Madurai and Trichy are three hours apart and so is Coimbatore and Trichy . Do we really need individual  umbrella institutions to care for such neighboring regions.

The general perception is by bringing in smaller entities we can cater to many local areas to augment education . It is true for certain extent but by breaking up and introducing many smaller entities, we are just creating entities that will compete for the same resources and attention thereby splintering the attention and focus. Also, these umbrella institutions do not have authority to set their own curriculums there by increasing the politics to play a greater role in everything from funding to research to student exams and evaluation.

I would like to hear from the students and people who are directly influenced by these decisions here . May their point of view is different from mine.

Chime in ..