The Railway Workshop – an iconic entity in ponmalai – is getting modernised.

I don’t remember this happening for a long time. But whenever I go between Chennai and Trichy by train,  Golden Rock workshop is the reminder for me to pick up my bags and get ready to depart in TPJ. But also, sometimes, the trains will stop in Golden Rock due to non-availability of signal to get into TPJ and it will just frustrate me like crazy. So I have no choice but to stare at the Golden Rock workshops till the train starts.

Coming back to modernisation, I always thought that the railway infrastructure that we have in India is among the best. Considering after seeing how railways are poorly utilised in US and Gulf countries, ( Europe is awesome) , I wish we can supply and service many countries with our expertise in Railways.

As part of GoldenRock modernisation plan ,

  • bulk of the funds amounting to Rs. 68.78 crore would be spent for acquiring modern mechanical equipment and replacement of the old machines, while Rs. 15.14 crore would be utilised for augmenting infrastructure facilities and repairs of structures under ‘civil’ works.
  • As part of the technological upgrade plan, a modern laboratory will be established at a cost of Rs. 2.5 crore inside the workshop for material testing which is at present being done in Chennai.
  • A special purpose multi-station machine –‘PAMA’ – costing Rs. 40 crore for carrying out repairs of engine blocks; a robotic welding system with automation and portable plasma profile cutting machine are some of the major advanced equipment to be procured under the modernisation.
  • The three Traversors, which are the lifeline of the workshop, would be replaced and the Basic Training Centre upgraded.
  • Work on the huge shed inside the workshop to accommodate high horsepower General Motors locomotives would be completed before July.