Joshepine Mary of Malaithadampatti, near Manapparai, has put the greenhouse to some practical / commercial use. She has planted 250,000 common varieties of rose samplings in an area of 500 sq.m. enclosed in a greenhouse which maintains a tolerable temperature of 31 deg Centigrade. The humidity will be controlled at 70% to 90% by the cooling pad and foggers along with giant exhaust fans. The polyethylene sheet covering the greenhouse checks the intensity of the ultra-violet rays from the Sun.  The unit has been setup with an estimated cost of about 13 lakhs with 1.62 laks chipped in as subsidy from the National Horticulture Mission. The saplings will be kept in the greenhouse for 30-45 days. At the end of the period, they will be acclimatised to the normal temperature before being marketed.

Kudos to Ms. Mary for doing this. Even though it appears unconventional, it a widely used in many countries for commercial purposes. This will fit perfectly for places like Trichy where the temperature and humidity swings wildly in Summer.

Cool !!!


Source: The Hindu