Trichy Airport has plans to extend its runway from 8000Ft. to 12500 Ft and work was in the plans to acquire land in the west side of the airport adjacent to the front of the airport. But due to stiff opposition from the public in acquiring the residential lands, the  AAI and the state govt. officials have decided to shelve that plan and acquire the lands on the eastern side of the airport. The only impediment seen there is the uyagundan channel running across and the plans are to lay out a bridge over that to get over the other side. However, providing a diversion to the Tiruchi-Pudukottai National Highway, running close to the airport on the western side, could not be avoided.

AAI officials would now reassess the land requirement on the eastern side and the expansion project would take off, once the fresh proposal was approved by the AAI and the State government.

The wait continues….