Trichy, being in the main artery of the state, is well connected to various parts of the state by roads. Those road connection looks pretty good in a map but the real conditions are appaling and many of the roads are barely passable at best.

One of the many reasons for this condition is the constant careless attitude of various groups who dig  roads and its adjacent areas to erect a billboard or party sign or cinema cut outs. I am not talking about the PWD groups who open up holes in the road and keep them open for quite a long time.

Exnora, the public service organisation that strives to make the life better for all tiruchians, is taking this nuisance to the court. They had filed a petition with the District Munsiff Court and it had issued a permanent injunction restraining the Corporation from permitting individuals, institutions and others to set up arches or dais by digging roads.

This will take care of a part of the problem. But how many hoardings have corporation approval in Trichy is another question. I can bet that not many try and get approvals before placing hoardings and always operate in such a way, if the corporation tries to remove it they can be dealt with.

Hopefully, Exnora’s current effort reduces atleast 75%of the issues.