The 23 year old smalin Janita slipped into coma after being thrown out of the car in North Carolina by her husband Christy Danius and mother in law because of dowry dispute. This happenned 5 months ago and the girl was airlifted to India with her parents with the help of the hospital in NC. The girl came out of coma in December and recovering in her home.

Finally the National Commission of Women finally decided to step in and do all in its power to extradite the husband and his mother ( By the way, it has come to light that Danius and his mother are sleeping together.. Geez…) to India to prosecute them and bring them to justice.

Trichy police have registered a case of dowry-related violence against Danius and Chellam, based on Jenita’s statement recorded last month. The left half of her body is still paralysed due to the incident. Trichy police said that they want to get  the assistance of American law enforcement agencies and arrest the mother-son duo.

The gruesome details of the atrocities faced by Trichy girl is heart wrenching. There are lots of girls that face similar atrocity like Janita even today. Although the details and methods are different, the motivation and reason for doing this are the same. The common thinking is the younger generation may put a stop to these kind of dowry related atrocities but this incident just throws cold water into that notion.

More details on Janita’s  condition can be obtained here.