The Railway Board is launching a new campaign to promote cleanliness in the railway stations and hygiene on station premises, in passenger trains, railway lines and waiting rooms. Select stations will be identified for mechanised cleaning of nominated trains during their halt in the stations. Garbage and left over food/other catering waste would be collected from trains when they arrive at the stations.

Other high points in this are :

  • Major railway stations will be provided mechanised high-pressure jets to clean platforms.
  • Dustbins and garbage bags will be provided to the railway stations and will be kept in more places than now for easy garbage disposal.
  • Garbage generated in coaches/trains will be collected at the end of the train journey.
  • Garbage from station premises, platforms, yards, track in the station area will also be collected on a regular basis.
  • Trains such as Shatabdi/ Rajdhani will have cleaning staff on board to collect garbage.
  • More health inspectors for many stations.

This drive is being undertaken by Railway because IR is observing the “Cleanliness Year”

Now , think about this… It is being done by IR because it has attached some campaign to the year. Aren’t these basic amenities that any paying customer expect to get from any travel vendor like clean environment etc.  It is a shame that general public need some campaign year to get this.

Also, trains like Shatabtdi will get cleaning staff onboard.. Why not in every train..?  Just because they are paying less than Shatabdi prices, they should travel in an unclean environment. ?

One thing they should add to this list of things… Insulate the toilets and toilet doors from letting the smell out into the coaches. It does not matter which part of the compartment you are in , the smell finds a way to you.

I think the most of the hygiene issue will arise from the tracks itself just because of the pathetic design of the toilets in the coaches and its disposal mechanism of waste.

India is making strides in designing cars for Detroit, making cellphones for the world and launching satellites to Space, but could not take care of the design of railway toilets and general cleanliness in the trains ?