Trichy, being a city well connected by roads to its neighboring cities, has passable roads in many areas. The quality of the roads are not great but then it is about the same everywhere in the state. An hour of rain will just take away the top layer of the roads exposing the stones and bringing up the potholes. But I am talking about the width of the roads here. Some roads like the one opposite Campion School in cantonment area is broad enough for three buses to travel at the same time while there are roads which are actually streets in which buses ply like the Salai Road or west bulivaar road..

But, all is not grim.. Some of the roads that connect Trichy to other cities are being expanded. Recently I traveled by Road from Trichy to Tanjavur and the road is being expanded from Thuvakudi.

Roadwork 2Raodwork1

For the most part, the land has been acquired and paved. The flattening and solidifying the road was going on. One striking thing that I noticed was the area was devoid of trees. The traffic was flowing smoothly but slowly due to interruptions. This Highway needs to be broadened with the amount of traffic that is expected to flow and the amount of industries that are expected in that belt. ( Now that BHEL is expanding a lot) .

Other highways that are progressing smoothly are:

Trichy – Chennai

  • Work has begun on land filling and levelling of the extended portions of the highway on the Tiruchi-Chennai By-pass Road.
  • Two new bridges across the Coleroon, the Cauvery rivers.
  • New fly-overs will come up at Ariyamangalam (Palpannai).
  • Nearly 28 per cent physical progress has been achieved on the 40-km long Tiruchi-Padalur section of the Tiruchi-Chennai Highway.

Trichy – Madurai

  • Work has just commenced on the construction of the fly-over at Mannarpuram will serve as a new by-pass road to the Madurai Highway, averting the need for vehicles to go via the residential areas in Crawford.
  • Over 30 per cent of the work on the 124-km long Tiruchi-Madurai section has been completed so far.

Trichy – Dindugal

  • New fly-overs will come up at TVS Tollgate and Mannarpuram.

Trichy – Karur

  • Yet to start anywhere near Trichy

Looks like roads around Trichy are getting better.

When will the roads within Trichy will get better ?