Well..Actually it is getting more than a face lift. When you enter the Station complex , you will be greeted by vintage Steam engine. And the old vintage Station building is getting a face lift with new neon lights and new paint.

But with the station complex, the old adage ” Beauty is only skin deep” does not apply. In addition to the above mentioned changes, the platforms are getting a new look also. Check out the photos below.

Station1 Station 2Junction face

The subways were clean as well. They were being cleaned with water (What!! Where are they getting water for this !) when I walked in. With the advent of drag bags , I guess the requirement for a porter to carry heavy luggage is reduced. So I actually saw couple of them bargaining for Rs 20 – Rs 30 instead of starting from Rs.50.

But the next photo   shows that the planning could have been little better. It is a monumental effort to walk in the mixture of sand and concrete. But hopefully this is completed now.

Station 3

By the Way … Did I tell you that I was in Vacation in Trichy. It was simply Great and Glad to see all the improvements and progress that is gong on.

The city is bustling ……………………