B.U has announced that a grievance cell will be setup to address students’ grievances at a prompt and courteous manner. The idea has stemmed from the concern over the shortcomings in the examination system leading to delay in publication of results that affects students in the final year in particular.

The grievances of the students would be directly addressed by the cell that would be headed by a responsible and approachable official, Dr. Ponnavaikko said.

Advocating more alertness on the part of chief examiners to prevent such occurrences in future, the Vice-Chancellor assured the house that due action would be taken against those responsible for the gaffe and the university would look into the administrative requirements of the office of the Controller of Examinations for early completion of the valuation process.

But I am not able to find out a timetable on when or where this grievance cell will be setup. It would be great if B.U comes out soon about this and also spell out how the accountability of the examiners will be enforced by the university. ( It is sad that we are talking about enforcing accountability of examiners …) Without the accountability part on Examiners , this is going to be a wasted effort.

We will see.!!