MRF, a pioneer in Tyre manufacturing in India, is expecting to complete its plant in 2008. It is expected that MRF will invest about 600 Cr to 700 Cr in this plant. In addition to manufacturing plant, this will also have its own testing track. This is  great for Trichy as MRF is aiming to increase its overseas revenue from 10% to 50%. This drive coupled with the explosion of vehicles sales in India, should make this plant a very profitable to the company.

Also, this will diversify Trichy’s growth.  Eventhough we are all excited about IT companies in Trichy, I think mechanical companies like MRF will bring more business to our city and not to mention the employment opportunities from its ancillary units to support MRF.

We need this in Trichy…  Will other great mechanical companies look at this as an example and move in and around Trichy.

Certainly we hope so.