A couple of days ago I noted here that the noise pollution in Trichy due to the overcrowded road has risen considerably. Today I read an article that links noise pollution to various ailments for Human body.

Highlights from that article:

  • Deepak Prasher, Professor of Audiology at University College London, told New Scientist magazine: “The new data provide the link showing there are earlier deaths because of noise. Until now, noise has been the Cinderella form of pollution and people haven’t been aware that it has an impact on their health.”
  • Chronic exposure to loud traffic noise causes 3 per cent of tinnitus cases, in which people constantly hear a noise in their ears.
  • Research published in recent years has shown that noise can increase the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenalin in the body, even during sleep.
  • “All this is happening imperceptibly,” said Prof. Prasher. “Even when you think you are used to the noise, these physiological changes are still happening.”

The major Noise pollution in Trichy is the air horns in the vehicles which they blare even during the nighttime when roads are empty. ( Only GOD knows why ?)

May be we should embark on an experiment like China did recently to check how the air pollution reduces by allowing only 50% of the vehicles in the road. May be we should tell our bus drivers to stop blaring the horn for a day and see how much the noise reduces in the city. We can follow up with other vehicles subsequently.

We need to do something to control this in the city. I think noise pollution is getting out of control.