Whoever traveled in Tricy Roads will balk at the word Road and Rules being next to each other in the same sentence. There is absolutely no rules on Roads in Trichy. Whoever has the more vocal horn and bigger vehicle body has the right of the way and all the other has to follow them. The town buses are amazing in the way they handle the road with their air horn. My home is very close to the road in a major artery in Trichy and am treated to their airhorns 24 hrs a day. Having a school nearby on the main road does not deter them from blaring their horns during the school hours. All the other vehicles including the ubiquitous two wheelers do their part in adding to the noise pollution.

Last week, IG of Police, Central Zone has urged that Educational institutions have the responsibility to educate students on adherence to road rules and sensitize them about discipline on roads. Awareness of road safety and traffic rules has become important in today’s context and the message was being percolated among the student community in a sustained manner, he said while speaking at the valedictory function of Tiruchi Schools Road Safety Patrol Unit here. ( Source: The Hindu)

It is a very good idea to introduce road rules in the early ages for students. But practical education will be more effective than the theoretical education. After hearing that message from the  IG of police about road discipline and traffic rule adherence, the students would have been treated to the chaos of the road and complete non adherence of road rules by adults when they return home.

Which do you think will stick to the children’s minds?

I think we should start this education and discipline from Adults and not from Children.

What do you think ?