As we have encountered in many walks of our life in India , bribes are integral part of the society now. It is a shame to accept that as a matter of fact but that is the reality. Bribes are omnipresent in any government office for any work however routine it is. Many among us are resigned to this fact and learn to live with that and some are fighting that as an evil that has to be rooted out to allow our society to enjoy the full benefits.

The 5th Pillar, an NGO, is trying to weed Corruption from the society with the help of youngsters by educating them and asking them to say NO to bribes.  It has plans to reach out to about one lakh school and college students in the State to enlist their support for the cause. Student members were being enrolled during the campaign and each institution would have male and female representatives to spread the message. Student members undertake a pledge against giving bribes.

Very good effort  and it is a good idea to instill this thought of NO Bribes in the young minds. But without something concrete in action, like recognition of some govt employee for their outstanding effort in not accepting bribes etc., will this be a paper tiger ?