The Government is mulling over a plan to introduce regional airlines that will connect small cities and towns in the country. They will operate away from the major trunk routes that will still be dominated by big private and public sector players and provide connectivity between small towns.  The expectation is more the connectivity more the competition and hence lower the prices between small cities and metros.
This will also prod the bigger players to form alliances with regional players and operate in a hub and spoke fashion where the bigger airlines concentrate on the trunk routes and smaller players concentrate on the small towns with the business flowing from the big players to the small ones.

With many international airlines flying into Trichy and the coming up of the new terminal, Trichy can play an important role in connecting nearby towns like Madurai, Erode , Salem etc. so that the passengers from these towns flying from various foreign destinations can reach home quicker and easier without the hassles of hauling their luggage on the road or on rails.

After all , was it not the vision when IA started Vayudoot long time ago. ? I don’t even remember when it folded. Hopefully this time around this effort does not go that way.