Trichy District is one of the five districts in the state that is chosen for the installation of CFL lamps in one of its villages as part of a programme aimed to reduce the cost of electricity. The respective District Collectors have been asked to expedite the process, according to S.M. Vijayakumar, Deputy General Manager of Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA).

Each village must have 200 conventional tubelights available for conversion.

These villages will be made model hamlets and the impact of this pilot project will be assessed before proceeding further,” says Mr. Vijayakumar.

It is a great idea  and it will have good results in the long run. I also believe that the CFL should be made available to common man for everyday household use as well which will reduce the energy consumption considerably.  Sometime ago I read that Australia as a country has adopted a policy to stop selling conventional bulbs in three years and will have only CFL bulbs available for use.  Although we are long way to go to reach that kind of a goal, every small step counts.