We informed that Seahorse hospital, one of the bigger hospital in Trichy was looking for potential buyer for sometime now. Vasan Healthcare was in negotiations with the hospital for a buyout. Now it has emerged that Kaveri Medical Center, Trichy is in advanced stages of acquiring the Seahorse hospital. According to the director of kaveri Medical Center, only minor details including the cost of acquisition has to be worked out but they have agreed in principle to acquire Seahorse Hospital in Trichy. The 225bed Kaveri Medical Centre currently caters largely to accident and emergency cases, but is unable to cater to the needs of corporate clients who demand special facilities. In addition, with the increase in the penetration of health insurance, the demand on hospitals is expected to rise.

Also, if you look at this, the seahorse hospital will be perfect fit for Medical Tourism that is budding in India now. Its location, a quiet residential area and its proximity to the good hotels, train station and Trichy Airport will be ideal for it to be used for medical tourism provided it is fitted with adequate equipments.

Lets see !