More details are emerging on the planned Trichy – Karur Highway ( Toll Road) enhancements.

  • It will strengthen and develop the present two-lane road with paved shoulders for 59 km and convert the remaining stretch into a four-lane road for the rest 21 km.
  • The new project takes off from Panjappur in Tiruchi district on the NH45 B and ends at Sukkaliyur in Karur district.
    • Three bypass sections – in Tiruchi between Panjappur and Andanallur, at Kulithalai between Marudur and Melakurapalayam and at Karur between Veerarakkiam and Sukkaliyur – will mark the project, according to the NHAI Project Director, M. Thangamani.
  • The Kulithalai bypass section will run parallel and proximate to the Cauvery’s left bank skirting the town and a retaining wall will be constructed all along the 10-km stretch.
  • The Karur bypass section, running to 15 km, will be constructed as a four-lane stretch and will have one ROB and a flyover rising above the State Highway 74 not far from the Karur Collectorate.
  • In the Tiruchi bypass section, two road over-bridges, one major bridge across the Kodingal river and two flyovers near Panjappur and Andanallur will be constructed. The special feature of the road over-bridge at Andanallur is that a portion of the “landing” would extend as a “trumpet type”’ onto the riverbed.
  • Work is expected to commence in another six months and a planned end date of 2010.

Source : The Hindu