Bharathidasan University is being upgraded to a Central Varsity moving from State Govt university to a Union Govt University paving the way to get more comprehensive research projects and grants. The central govt has plans to create 25 varsities and this will be one of them.  Along with this move BU will have more IT centered curriculum also from the next academic year. There will not be any change in the operations of the affiliated colleges due to this but all the affiliated colleges will also get better research facilities and more IT oriented curriculum and facilities.

One noted IT oriented curriculumthat will be added to the programmes will be BSc. in Animation. Animation is a very demanding field of study in the Western Countries , especially Japan and US where Video games are in very high demand. India is stepping into this in the right time when the companies in those countries are going to look for elsewhere for production now.

The affiliated colleges will be equipped with the required equipments for this course but not sure how will it be staffed as it is a specialised field in computer science applications.

We will see but anyway this is a great recognition to the academia in Trichy.