With the agreement for landing in hand, AIE is moving quicker than expected and has announced Chennai – Kuala Lumpur service from October 2007. According to the AIE official, this service will be expanded to include Trichy – Kuala Lumpur as well in the near future. If you remember this dispute of landing rights had started because the permissions given to Air Sahara to fly to Malaysia was revoked by Malaysian govt. Air Sahara (after the merger ) has not announced any plans yet but expect them soon.

According to the press report Mr. Saket Saran, country manager for Air India, Malaysia, Air India Express is negotiating to fly to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, rather than to the low-cost terminal near the main airport.

In addition to helping people in South India travel home easier, this will also promote tourism between both countries and hence commerce.  Some of the airlines are thinking about making Malaysia as their hub ( Singapore competes for that kind of revenue now) for SE Asia and Australia which will help increase connectivity to that part of the world through Trichy easier.