The outbreak of chikungunya in Kerala had prompted the corporation to take several precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak and spread of this painful disease in Trichy and surrounding areas. This disease which primarily spread through the mosquitoes makes the joints in the body weak and puts the patients in bed for three days atleast. The trichy authorities have intensified fogging activities on all the things that come from Kerala and also started to monitor the inflow of patients into the hospitals with symptoms. Last year was a very painful experiences for a lot of the people with this disease and hopefully is not repeated this year.

NO cases of chikungunya  have been reported in any part of the district so far but the the village panchayats have been instructed to ensure that there was no water logging in their areas to prevent breeding of mosquitoes. Monitoring of fever cases from the Private Health Clinics, Government Hospitals and private nursing homes is being done on a daily basis since May to compare it with the last year’s trend and ascertain if there is any increase in the number of fever cases. Fogging operations have also been intensified in all wards to prevent any breeding of mosquitoes.