Excellent Novel Radical ( EXNORA) is an international organisation whose actions raises the awareness of cleanliness among the public, was running a campaign to highlight importance of planting saplings, clean environment and the control of pollution in Trichy on World Environment Day.

It is a very noble effort and we have seen that cleanliness in the public places maintained by the Organisation goes up a notch. The volunteers distributed handbills carrying messages on the need to protect the environment to all public and private places and offices.

Increasing awareness is great among people. But one thing that we have to think about is how we do it. By handing out handbills to the public in thousands is just going to increase the clutter in streets because people are used to throw things on the road without any consciousness. Also, trying to protect the environment by using a tool ( paper) which actually is produced by destroying trees / forest sounds illogical.

May be they can have a big screen print banner in every public office / school and major thoroughfares which will catch the eye of the public but they will not have anything to throw away.

Will Exnora change its tactics of public Awareness. ?