We all know that when more people get together in a place , cleanliness always take a back seat, especially in India. One of those places is Railway stations. Now the Trichy Railway Division started a campaign where they will clean two stations in a month. In those stations where there were no cleaning staff, the station masters would be given funds to engage private labourers to keep the station premises clean. As part of the campaign, the Divisional Railway Manager distributed pamphlets containing messages on cleanliness to the passengers and there was a rally also with placards.

This is an idea with noble intention which I think is going to go the way of Exnora trying to clean up Trichy. It works in some places where there is cooperation from people but for the most part this will be only be a good marketing campaigns and good news headlines. It is in our interest as Tiruchians to do the best by playing by the civic rules so that all of them can be benefited by cleaner railway stations.

Next should be Bus stands.