Trichy-Madurai four lane highway work has started to go in full swing near trichy. It ran into numerous problems mainly on land acquisition for construction. But with the visit of transport minister, Mr. Nehru, the work started to move. As part of the construction process, about 250 hutments and some concrete structures ( both commercial and residential)  which are considered as encroachments wil be removed in Khaja Nagar near Mannarpuram. The residents were assured of alternate sites for their homes but the site is yet to be identified.

Well, with such a land shortage and high migration towards city, it is always a dicey issue whether to remove these encroachments and say they are illegal structures or give the occupants an alternate site and make them landowners when they never owned the land in the first place.

It is a political hot potato.  But the work for construction is proceeding for the roads.