We were all looking to find out how the tiruchy people will cope up with the new helmet rule for two wheelers. It went very well, I should say. It appears that 98% of the two wheeler drivers complied and there was only 664 cases of violations booked. ( It is very less when compared to the number of two wheelers fly on the road.)

But now the Deputy Police Commisioner of Trichy is saying that the Four wheeler drivers and front seat passenger should wear seat belts while traveling. This law it appears is part of the helmet rule.

The police said that as per Government Order No. 658, fastening of seat belt was compulsory for those driving a four-wheeler and those seated in the front seat of the vehicle, with effect from June 1.

Great !! I like this …But I think it requires a small clarification. What happens when you rode on an ambassador car which has bench seats in the front ( Yeah ! even in 21st Century) which will be filled by atleast two passengers. Who gets the seat belt ?

Is there a plan to force the existing car owners without seat belts in their car to  install seat belt as a package.. ?