Trichy roads are bulging with traffic, buses ( private and govt), ubiquitous autos, two wheelers and cycles. Also u will see some Cycle Rickshaws and Thallu Vandis.

But for those who travelled in trichy roads know that many of them cannot be called as Roads but as Padhai. They are narrow lanes where buses will be flying while people are walking on the same area. My home is right on the roadside and when watching from balcony I can see near misses every few minutes. But people and bus drivers are oblivious to these and go their merry ways.

The accident statistics released by Trichy Police is appalling.  260 road accidents in the last 4 months. claiming 41 lives. It is in pace to overtake 750 road accidents figure that claimed 100 lives last year. The main reason sited for accidents is Private buses overtaking other buses in order to get more passengers and driving with callousness in the process.

Trichy police is doing something to counter this situation. It is basically making the best out of what we have. We have to appreciate that.

A series of programs on Road Safety organized by Trichy Police is giving some insights / advice to the public vehicle drivers on the fragile nature of life and death situations on the roads in Trichy. The police Officers roped in officials from Transport Dept, a faculty from Govt college and a member of Exnora to drive home the message of safety with the underlying message of ” Never Compromise safety. While on road, the drivers are responsible for other’s safety and life”

Hopefully, drivers will get the message and make our roads safer.