The days of compulsory helmets for Two wheeler drivers and passengers are upon us. June 1 is the D-Day for this. There are some critics to this measure which govt promotes as a safety measure in the road. Critics are quick to point out that this will add another Rs.1000 to the already strained budget of middle class families.  They are pointing out the inadequate roads and over crowded / over speeding buses as the major reason for accidents and instead of fixing the root cause of the issue, the government is trying to add burden to the two wheelers.

Every coin has two sides and so are every issue. But here I am going to take the side of promoting helmets as a safety measure.  The two wheeler drivers need not have to be hit by a bus to obtain a head injury. Even if they fall down after skidding in rain water they are going to get injured. It is going to be a major inconvenience for the travelers during the hot summer and they cannot enjoy the breeze through their head.  But if enforced, this will be a good rule to adhere to. It should not go the way the “Air Horn Prohibition” rule followed by the bus drivers.

On a lighter note,.. With helmets on, it is going to be difficult to identify a known person from afar while travelling in a two wheeler.  Dei… Muthu Annan Vandiyile Poraru da comments may be difficult.