With IT parks and SEZ zones popping up all over the country which is driving the speculative land pricing like crazy, only the powerful and the rich are getting benefits. Seldom the people living in those lands and who own them for longtime get much benefits. We hear stories of forcible land acquisitions from the local tenants only to turn around and sell them to the government and private parties for higher price is all too common.

Now the government is waking up and trying to do something about this. A law is in works which will make the industries acquiring the land to rehabilitate the people from that land.

The following Quote is from the Rural Development Ministry source

We have a two-pronged strategy. Besides enacting a new R&R Act, the Land Acquisition Act too would be amended to give the new law an overriding effect over the Land Acquisition Act and the Special Economic Zone Act,” said a Rural Development Ministry source.

The act is called relief and rehabilitation policy and it will soon see the light of the day in the cabinet.

I don’t understand the lethargy. It it not common sense that human greed mostly takes over the good nature when large and quick money is involved. Don’t we have to have this law before approving all this IT parks and SEZ zones ? Now most of the country know the the SEZ and IT parks lands are way to do quick buck and the greedy elements will certainly find loopholes in this law.

This still supports the theory and notion is we are growing too fast for our own good. But Growth is required at this pace to keep up with the world but people with good foresight also is required to keep up with the growth pace.