We all know Trichy railway Station is a loner in the midst of the busy Junction / cantonment area.  Lots of public will board the train in Trichy Fort and Srirangam just because they are in the areas close to the population than Trichy Junction. Sometimes it makes me wonder whether that is why the station is always in a sombre mood. But now the slow ‘n sombre Trichy station is getting a new extensions to the shelter in the platform 1 and 1 A. They are a big reprive for the passengers who wait in the scorching sun to board the train. The trains got longer and longer to accomodate more passengers and hence 50% of the trains will be outside of the station when parked. But now atleast most of them will be inside the shelter which will allow the elderly and children board the trains from the platform and not from the ground. ( from where the steps to thecoach will be very uncomfortable).