Thamilagathin NerKazanjeeyum, Thanjai and Trichy are quietly playing the Free Markets efficiently. The Rice mills in the region are in modernisation efforts to increase their outputs from the average of 30 tons / day. Traditionally they were targeting the public distribution system. Now they have broadened their reach into Foreign and Out of State markets which is forcing them to upgarde in order to compete not only in price but also in quality.

Removal of Paddy Movement restrictions, raising of stockholding limits and large role of private trade after government’s stoppage of monopoly buying has fueled this growth. Now the rice mill owners confidently say that their non Basmati rice is cheaper from other state suppliers yet being high quality.

It is good that the Rice mills are upgrading and making money in open market but how it helped the local market is yet to be seen.

Are they neglecting the local trichy markets for highly priced other markets ? I am not sure..