We are all excited about the Trichy Airport Expansion. There is another equally important upgrade that is happening in Trichy. That is the central busstand expansion.

Trichy, with its multitude of  neighbouring small towns, depends on reliable bus service to get the people in and out from those small towns. With trichy’s growing population of buses, there were many complaints that the bus services not only occupies the road while on the move, but also occupies a lot of road space while parked. We all know about the total mismanagement while constructing the yesteryear’s Tiruvalluvar bus stand where after completion, it was found out that the buses cannot enter the bays because of miscalculated widths.  Hopefully, it does not happen here in this expansion plan.

Trichy busstand is being expanded to contain 76 bays for buses ( from existing 43 bays)  at a budget of approx 2 crores and expected to be completed in 6 months.

So that means, that there can be 76 buses in bays and 75 buses out of bays in bus stand ( going by the current conditions) .  :>