Now that Coimbatore IT park is well on its way and progressing smoothly, the ELCOT is shifting its focus towards Madurai and Trichy. It appears that so far 12 companies have evinced interest in setting up facilities here in Trichy. No information on their size but looks like there are no big wigs here yet. But in-spite of this, ELCOT is looking for 98 acres  of additional land for construction.  The Hindu’s report on this says something very interesting .

It goes like this.

ELCOT will acquire the plots in the vicinity of the IT Park that were sold a few months ago by the Tamil Nadu Housing Board through auction before laying an approach road. The small plots, along with toilets and bathrooms, which the Board constructed for people from the low-income group a decade ago, were lying unsold till a few months ago.

If I am reading this right, ELCOT is planning to repurchase land from whomever purchased from Govt in an auction some time ago. So ELCOT , an independent entity, whose decisions are controlled by TN govt., is planning to repurchase the land that was basically theirs a few months ago. Also worth noting is these plots were unsold a few months ago.

So is it just me smelling something fishy here or it just looks that way.

Anyway, whoever bought this land in auction  ( either with or without inside info) is going to make good money in a short time..

Yamariyen Paraparame