Here is the progress on Trichy Airport upgrade.

First Let’s see the effect of the upgrade on Airlines.

  • Many Airlines are queuing up to operate from / to / through Trichy.
    • KingFisher is operating  connection to Chennai and Bangalore.
    • Air India Express is connecting to Dubai and Singapore
    • Malaysian Airlines is planning to connect Kualalumpur and Singapore.
    • Air Asia is planning to connect to KualaLumpur.
    • Oman Airways has plans to connect to Muscat.
    • Air Arabia has completed the market survey around Trichy area.

Now let’s look at the cause for this excitement – Upgrade itself.

  •    Runway is expanded to 8000 ft. Further expansion to 12,500 feet will be commenced after getting land from State Govt.
  • New Air Terminal Complex in 50 acres to be completed in 2008.
  • Canopies at the arrival area. ( Canopies !!! – May be it is a commercial term for roof over arrival area)
  • Extended aprons to house2 to 3 aircrafts at a time.
  • Modern equipments for control tower.

Hurray!! This may not make the Trichy airport like Changi .. But sure it will make it effective to handle multiple aircrafts and more passengers.  Until the new terminal is done, I think the arriving international passengers will have adjust with the existing terminal and whatever facilities they provide.