With all the expansion and coming of different airlines into Trichy airspace, it has created a great deal of excitement along with an apprehension whether the personnel in trichy airport are up to the task handling more volume in terms of international passengers.

Let me tell you my personal experience with the airport personnel that happened sometime last year. I flew from Chennai to Trichy in Indian after a very long international flight. When I was collecting my bags, I found that I am missing one of my bags. I reported to the Indian authorities and they were very helpful in helping me fill out the forms to handle that. They promised me that they will find the bag. The airport baggage claim superintendent came out to enquire about the issue and very chatting with me for some time.  I did not have any hopes of getting my bag but to my surprise I got a call from Indian to come and pick up my bag the very next day. Indian authorities made sure that I check the bag for contents before I leave the airport. I was very surprised that I got the bag and was very surprised when the Indian employee came and apologized to me for the bag handling error.

My friend’s bag was lost in BA when flying from Chennai to London to NY and do not know its whereabouts till now. Trichy and Airline companies have a very long way to go in handling huge traffic, but they are getting exposed to such conditions now and will be tested severely in the coming days  and hope they will come out in flying colors.

I am sure that many of you have similar experiences in Trichy airport. It will be great if you can share your experiences with us.