We talked about the Urban Infrastructure Improvements in lieu of IT park’s entry in Trichy. Now comes the plan to call for Private Investments to modernise non metro airports including Trichy airport. The Central government is getting ready to invite bids from private companies to modernise airports in profitable and not so profitable sectors. I like their idea of grouping the airports together for bidding. So a company can bid for work on multiple airports and will not be able to pick only the profitable airports with more potential and neglect the ones with less. Initially the bid will be invited for 35 non metro airports for improvement on city side improvements.

AAI will take the “air”side of improvements like developing the entire operational area including runway, taxiway, apron, communication and navigational aids, besides air traffic management systems etc. while the private parties will do the city side like non-operational areas including the terminal buildings, car park, restaurants, hotels and the entire area outside the operational boundary wall of the airports. The city side improvement revenue will fund the air side improvements.

Hopefully it does not become the classic Chicken and Egg Story.