Now you wear it.. Now you don’t ..

This was the situation for motorised two wheeler drivers and pillion riders for many years in Tamilnadu. But we have one more legislation now that will make the drivers and pillion riders to wear helmets while on road. The intention is good with this rule, but if it is not implemented strictly, we will see people wearing plastic helmets while driving which defeats the whole purpose of protecting their heads during an accident. The excuses like ” It spoils my hair; Gives me headache; It does not make me look good etc.. should not be heeded.

But it is going to be very difficult for someone to wear the helmet and sweat all over their face and drive in the hot sun during the summer. But all coins have two sides.. We have to just weigh the trade offs and take the best.

Or ..People can take buses.. ( remember, those boxy, noisy and monstrous vehicles which will come so close to you as if want to maul you and at the last sec will move away from you.)