Taking the reins of Anna University in Trichy, Dr.V.Ramahandran, VC , said that the Anna University Premises will have an IT incubation center with facilities setup by Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant etc to develop communication and soft skills. I think this will be model following the IT incubation center in Coimbatore. This will be a good exposure ground for the students who wants to pursue their careers in IT. This center will be an alternate to the IT park for the companies. (Competition is always good. )

Also Anna University in Trichy will start and support web based education. No details on what is the modus operandi was not disclosed.

Anna University, Chennai is well known for its research facilities in various disciplines. Hopefully this branch will follow that as well. IT incubation center is very good, but the concentration should be still in pure science and Engineering rather than in IT. If Anna University research spawns something like Institute of Remote sensing , it will be great for Trichy and its education and talent pool.