Trichy Police is getting modern equipments to their aid in dealing with the irregular  and chaotic traffic. They are getting a central control center in cantonment with the capability of monitoring traffic and public behaviour around the city. Now the traffic controllers can monitor not only public and private vehicles but also their own patrol vehicles which will be fitted with GPS. ( This is going to be an issue with cops who make some stops on their way to duty to get some personal things done..:>>)

The best use of this center will be to monitor traffic violators and hit and run drivers. I guess they will be recording all the activities ( Can u imagine the amount of hardware that will be required to do this and save the recordings.. Good Timing IBM for an office in Trichy….!!!! ) that is going on in the area visible to the cameras and can dissect the images to identify the drivers who are violating the traffic rules.

Can you imagine how many traffic violations will have to be analysed in a peak hour in MG gate opposite to the post office where the buses going towards chattaram and the people walking towards the MG gate and the ubiquitous two wheelers trying to go anywhere and everywhere.  I think Trichy police will need a separate group of analysts to dissect the results from that area alone. But one good thing in this we can save the embarrassment caused to the hapless police person in that intersection ( or any intersection) who cannot physically do anything to stop / catch the violators.

It is not clear how the traffic rules violators will be punished . Will the fines be sent by mail to them with the photographic evidence attached and will the photographic evidence thus collected is permissible in the court of law. ?  We need a good enforcement policy in the city to go along with this technology otherwise it will be just like watching an action packed movie for the police in the control and command center.

Technology can only help us if we have policies supporting the technology utilisation are sound.

We will see but our kudos for police dept for taking a step in the right direction..