Trichy – Dindugul ( 88km) and Trichy – Karur (80 km) section of highways are to be enhanced by the National Highways Development Programme phase.

This is a good news for the people travelling in Trichy – karur sector as the roads in that section are very narrow and thus increasing the time taken to reach the setination. On the other hand, most part of the trichy – karur road are alongside the banks of cauvery which is winding and beautifully shaded by the trees on either side. There is even a vaikaal ( or kaalvaai) threading the road on the opposite side of cauvery, where in the morning time you can see people and kids doing their daily works. ( whenever there is water :> ) I always enjoy that road till kulithalai which will be winding and narrow where one can see the tamilnadu grammathu culture very easily and enjoy. Hopefully this enhancing project will not remove the trees in the name of road expansion and make it barren.  That is exactly what happened when Highways department expanded the NH 45 connecting Chennai – Trichy.

Trichy – Dindugal Road is equally beautiful in its own way. I think the road enhancement program will be great for that road as the roads are devoid of maintenance there with potholes. This program can make it a smoother ride between trichy and dindugul.