Sabash! Sariyaana Potti… ! Ipaathaan Soodu Pidikithu !!

With the heels of the arrival of IT Park in Tier II cities, Big Blue (IBM) is planning to expand its operations in Tier II cities, including Trichy. IBM, which has the highest headcount in all of the Big Six Consulting companies in India (  (Accenture, HP, ACS, CSC and EDS are the others) has plans to expand to Trichy, Madurai, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Cochin, Guwahati, Vizag, Nagpur, Kanpur and Lucknow in the next year to tap the SMB market. Whether this is going to be its Consulting Division or its infrastructure division remains to be seen.  IBM’s regional general manager, India/South Asia, Shanker Annaswamy said These offices would be equipped with IBM resources and infrastructure to market our products and solutions” . 

This is a very vague statement and does not say much. I hope IBM brings one of their technology centers instead of sales / service offices for their machines and equipments.With the talent pool generated by some very good colleges ( both Engineering and pure Science disciplines), it will be a great launchpad for the student careers to do internship in IBM while in schools and also will give IBM a sample of the local talent before hiring them.

However you look at it, it is a great opportunity for Trichy.