The TN govt has announced the VC for “Anna University” – Trichy. It will be Dr. V. Ramachandran, a current faculty of the Original Anna University.

Following is the excerpt from a news item on this,

Mr. Ramachandran joined the Ramanujan Computing Centre as System Assistant in 1982. He served as a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and associate professor in the Department of Information Technology. He obtained his doctorate degree in Computer Applications in Power Systems from Anna University in 1991 and served as visiting professor in several national and international institutes. He has authored several research publications. “

I quickly googled to look up some of his research papers ( below is some of them) . He has some impressive work published in prestigious journals.

> Security for XML messaging services: a component-based approach

Journal of Network and Computer Applications archive
Volume 26 , Issue 2 (April 2003) table of contents
Pages: 197 – 211

Year of Publication: 2003

> Evolutionary programming based economic dispatch of generators with prohibited operating zones

Source: Electric Power Systems Research, Volume 52, Number 3, 1 December 1999, pp. 261-266(6)


> A Comparative and Performance Study of On Demand Multicast outing Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks


It is great to have a person with IT / Computer background in this position at our city. Again, may be I am naive to think that his academic skills will translate here in this political post.

We’ll see.