We all know and were told that Advance Planning always help. We know that we have to book tickets for travel early to get a good deal and prices on tickets. ( I am not talking about railways / bus services here which does not have such a concept of flexible fares. That is a whole different story to write about)

Airlines are a different ball game. We can always get some good fare if we book earlier. Generally the slabs are 14 day advance fare and 21 day advance fares in airlines. For fun, I tried looked up the fares in AirDeccan between Chennai and Trichy for two different dates in different slabs. I got cheaper price for travel on 30 Jan 2007 below than the price I got for 18th Feb.



The prices of Rs. 2 and Rs 7 are before fees and taxes (approx Rs.1100 ) . The fees and taxes I thought are always a percentage of the fare. But how Naive, I am .. They are flat and for all the prices. So for a Rs. 2.00 ticket you pay Rs.1100 as tax and fees.. Wow ! Good that they don’t have this in Town buses. Otherwise, imagine the ticket price you will have to pay to go to MG gate from Woraiyur.. It would have been on par to autorickshaw fares. :>

But you get the irony, don’t you.